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Rose by Vinod Kulkarni

January 2021 - Rose

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I have grown a lot of rose plants in my terrace garden and during monsoon I love to watch and shoot the flowers. I love the composition and position of this rose along with the amount of blur in the background, however I somehow feel that something is missing. Really appreciate your sincere feedback on how I can enhance these types of shots and any other artistic or off-track perspective!

Technical Details: Reverse Lens, @ 55mm, 1/100, f/16 and ISO 100

Wishing you Happy New Year again and I hope you had a good holiday

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Peter Newman   Peter Newman
Hi Vinod, That is one beautiful image of the flower itself. I like the tonal variations in the rose, and the raindrops add to the interest. I see some items that should improve your image. I would: eliminate the blurred rose to the right of the sharp one; and change the position of the rose, so that the top is pointing towards more negative space. I did a quick and dirty change to give you an idea of what I mean.   Posted: 01/12/2021 15:44:50
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