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Sunflower by Angela Chan

November 2020 - Sunflower

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This week I made a change from water drops photography to a close up composite to have more fun with our new friends.

I just finished a workshop with Jackie Kramer for "Artistic Floral Photography" so this composite image (entitled Sunflower (Artistic Floral Photography) composite is my first attempt in "Artistic Floral photography".

One image was used to form the major subject and 2 other variations at the side. With the use of (Free Transformation) the shapes were changed. A second image of a more mature sunflower core was used for the background and texture at the top. A layer mask was applied to decrease the opacity of the texture to 5% to allow most of the major subject to show through.

This sunflower image shows different stages of development and offers us views of many different textures. This is only a close up image but I think that the little young seeds offer a good macro view .

Hope this bright bloom will cheer your day.

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Charles Ginsburgh   Charles Ginsburgh
I really like what you have provided us here in this composite. Composite images are anything but simple and you have done a wonderful job in this image. I really like how you have incorporated the flower structure as a texture while giving us a hit of alternate flowers in the background.

In this presentation, I do find though that the background flower elements are a bit distracting and my eyes are continually bouncing from the foreground sharp flower to the background elements at the right, and back again. Here I would be tempted to decrease the distance between the main flower and the background flowers, and to subtly deemphasize the clarity and tone of the background blooms. To accomplish this I would move the foreground bloom over to the right, crop of from the left edge and perhaps blur and darken the background some. To my mind, this would emphasize the main flower just a bit more, without detracting from the background story you have incorporated into this image.

I have tried this and present a version a the image to further illustrate my thoughts. See what you think. Regardless of these points though, this is truly an image you should be proud of.
  Posted: 11/12/2020 14:04:33
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Peter Newman   Peter Newman
Charles, I agree with what you said, but to me your version seems to have lost some of the subtly in Angela's version.   Posted: 11/13/2020 18:47:01
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Lynne Hollingsworth   Lynne Hollingsworth
Sunflowers are always willing models. I like your concept and working with Jackie Kramer is a treat. She was here in Florida for the annual conference and has some great techniques. From your description I can see where you want to take this image.

A couple of suggestions here. I like the background, but in my opinion It is somewhat distracting. Perhaps darkening a bit more might help. The other piece is to be cautious when swapping the background to another. I can see areas that were missed. When changing a background, I found it essential to go over the edges carefully and patch in missed areas. Sometimes blurring the edges just a couple of pixels will help the blending.

The center of the flower is nice and sharp and shows every soon to be sunflower seed. I would keep the leaf out of the texture even though it looks old and grumpy.

Even though I like your water drops very much, I also like seeing the different thIngs you do.
  Posted: 11/14/2020 07:24:49

Nancy Rich   Nancy Rich
I love this image. Not only is it bright and cheerful, but the effect of the techniques you used are so interesting. I also like the tones of yellow and green that you went with. They are subdued and not "cartoony."   Posted: 11/17/2020 13:30:08


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