Vinod Kulkarni  

Leaf by Vinod Kulkarni

October 2020 - Leaf

About the Image(s)

"This was shot during monsoon season in a small town situated in a rainforest. During the day all my effort to find some attractive and colorful insects went in vain, but the place had to offer much more than just the fauna. This big leave with the nerves like lines going across all the sides of the leave caught my attention. This is too attractive to be avoided hence I took some time to compose my shot, got my tripod set and took a shot.

Technical Aspects: Canon 7d Mark II Camera with 100 mm IS macro lens (1/50 sec, f/16, ISO 1,250).

I look forward to receiving your valuable feedback.

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Charles Ginsburgh   Charles Ginsburgh
I really like this shot. It is a wonderful combination of both simple and the complex. The patterns, lines, and colors are all wonderful, and there is sufficient difference between different areas of the leaf that I find that many areas hold my interest. The veins really add a lot in that as leading lines, and eyes cannot help but to follow them round the image.

I only have on compositional suggestion. Since the large veins offer such effective leading lines, I might have tried to include a bit more of the vein junction shown at the far right. This would then provide a reward for when my eyes follow the veins (and they do) and add a bit of interesting conjunction of the veins within the leaf.

Aside from that, small point I must say that you did a wonderful job in both seeing and capturing this image. Nice Job!
  Posted: 10/05/2020 13:58:45

Peter Newman   Peter Newman
Excellent seeing. You have seen and created a beautiful abstract. I like the way the multiple veins in the leaf compliment its subtle curves, with the interplay of shadow and light areas.

From a compositional point, I think that you would have a stronger image if the large horizontal vein was placed at an angle, or moved up or down about half way between the top and the middle of the image.   Posted: 10/06/2020 19:57:04


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