Angela Chan  

3 drops collision by Angela Chan

March 2020 - 3 drops collision

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This is a 3 drops collision.

There are still some blemishes that I am trying to find time to minimize. Here a scoop of coffee mate and a few drops of detergents had been added to liquid to make the liquid opaque and surface tension had been decreased.

A red chopping board had been used as the background.

In this image I used my Sony A6000 camera (90 mm Macro lens, 1/6 sec, f/20, ISO 250)

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Charles Ginsburgh   Charles Ginsburgh
What a dramatic shot. The detergent additive added, aids you in obtaining more of the smaller drops that you see here, and this contributes to the sense of energy conveyed by the image. The color contrast between the red and blue is quite striking and really captures your eye. I was wondering if there is anything we might do to highlight and emphasize the drop spatter even more that what we see here. These elements are critical in capturing the energy of the event, but we lose many of these drops in the background. Perhaps darkening the red background some, or bringing up the depth of the blue tone might help (I am not convinced that this is the path to take but it represents the direction I might try). In addition, to my eye, the light blue of the water appears just a bit washed out, so some of the detail of the splash (which represents much of the image's "wow factor") is lost. Adding a bit more depth or saturation to the colors and bit, more micro contrast might restore some of this essential detail. Something to think about.   Posted: 03/10/2020 15:02:33
Angela Chan   Angela Chan
Thank you very much Charles for giving me the directions to try more kinds of editing.   Posted: 03/24/2020 14:06:05

Peter Newman   Peter Newman
I must admit that I am so fascinated by water drop, and splash photography, that I do not see any way to improve your image. As with most abstract images, some like them, and some don't. Others may prefer different patterns and/or colors. I think that if the artist likes it, the image is fine.

In my research on the subject, I found an interesting blog @

How does you water drop kit handle the synchronization? I once played with a setup for splash photography. the splash is done in a lightproof box, with the strobe inside. the camera, with a prefocused lens is on a tripod with the lens just inside the box, with the shutter in manual. press the shutter release and immediately after press the drop release mechanism, which sets off the strobe inside the box, then I immediately close the shutter. It takes a few tries to find the right aperture, since the strobe and shutter are not synced. There are probably other methods, but that worked for me. I am not sure you need a macro lens, since the subject is far from flat. I would use my 70-200, with an appropriate extension tube.

  Posted: 03/19/2020 22:01:40
Angela Chan   Angela Chan
Thank you very much , Peter. My waterdrop system allow me to adjust water drop size and the time delay of the flash firing.
With additive to the liquid we can try to get multiple drops and multiple valves can produce different colors and combinations.
I think that the manual system will work well for 2 drops but 3 drops or more will be even harder. I am just at the ground level of waterdrop Arts and need time and experiments to get more complicated results. However, I think that the drops can create arts regardless of the difficulty of the set up and plan to enjoy them every step of the way.   Posted: 03/24/2020 14:11:59
Peter Newman   Peter Newman
I am fascinated by your water drop work. Much to learn. Which system do you use?   Posted: 03/24/2020 19:54:32
Angela Chan   Angela Chan
My system is by MJKZZ . They have a center in the state .
I almost bought "STOPSHOT" system by Cognisys which is supposed to be very good quality but after paying for USD to CAD conversion, duty and delivery it is just too expensive for me. ( I had been thinking of the multiple valves system right from the start ) .
If you are interested, ebook from Corrie White will save you a lot of time. (around $20 ) I did not have any lead and had wasted many years before I find what is feasible for me...partly because I use mirrorless cameras so that I cannot use the system from England. The system I have now is more promising anyway .
Miops did not work well for me.   Posted: 03/24/2020 20:10:47

Angela Chan   Angela Chan
There are many many fields of macro photography and I am trying different area bit by bit.
I know that most friends do not have water drop systems and cannot comment on how to make the drops.
However, you can all help me with composition and other artistic veiws.
I had seen Charles's gorgeous water-drop gallery and know that I shall really benefit from his help.
Also like to use this group to learn more kinds of macro photography together.
Being a front line health care professional I had been busy but hope to have more time to learn .   Posted: 03/24/2020 14:45:41
Lynne Hollingsworth   Lynne Hollingsworth
Water drop photography can really pull you in. I can spend hours without a thought to time. Every variable changes the drops in viscosity, speed, etc. Congratulations on getting the third drop - that's a tough one for me. Interesting you used coffee mate and detergent. I've used xanthum gum and milk primarily to thicken the consistency, but it's always an adventure as the what the result will be.

Perhaps a more muted background would give more focus to the drop itself as they seem to be competing here. I commend you on the depth of field you've achieved. That's always a challenge with drops.

  Posted: 03/28/2020 08:53:18

Elaine Hoffman
I'm always fascinated by water/droplet photography (or any high-speed stop action types) but I haven't been able to get anything at all like this. I love the blue of the 'water' (would never have thought of adding things to it!) but for me, I find the red contrast to be too harsh and it distracts my eye from the droplet. I'm bouncing back and forth and not focusing on the drops. But it's a striking photo!   Posted: 03/31/2020 15:57:37
Angela Chan   Angela Chan
Thank you very much for the kind words.
I love water drop photography because I am creating an image, not just taking it. Editing is also of prime interest to me so these images that are not organic give me the widest latitude . Thank you very much for your suggestion.   Posted: 03/31/2020 16:07:03