Angela Chan

Angela Chan

I am a health care professional who likes to learn photography. Unfortunately, since I always needed to work on Thursday which is the day our local camera club meet I had been learning online only for a few years. This enabled me to learn more editing skills rather than camera skills.

In September 2015 I had a new schedule so that I can join my local camera club. This is a very very friendly camera club and I had become an active part of it in a very short time. One thing that really struck me is the willingness of everybody to help. It is a truly very positive environment.

In May 2016 I started a FaceBook page as a non-official secret group for our friends inside the club to communicate and share images. This created a network so that everybody can invite a few friends or everybody to go to photographic events. My aim is " Nobody should go shooting alone unless by choice" This FaceBook page was and is a real success. It is still going strong as a "Catch all" site for us to share any image, idea, and event with each other.

During that summer our (Field-Trip Director) resigned. In a mad scramble, I was roped in to do the job. 10 field trips (Including 2 bus trips) were organized within 3 weeks and I think that most of the members enjoyed the activities.

However, since the weekends required for the job of (Field-trip Director) is not easy for me I switched to pick up the job of (Public Relations Director) instead. Working from home is best for me. Making ads for speakers nights are easy for me with my Photoshop skills.
This first year is almost done and I am looking forward to continuing with the post.

Photography is a hobby for me. I have no intention of becoming a professional. To me, a hobby is meant to enjoy. I am really enjoying learning, socializing, helping and being helped by my friends. During a recent illness, I was truly overwhelmed by the visits by lots of unexpected friends, get well wishes and a " Get Well Book with lots of pages of signatures and images that our club friends had taken of me. This is truly a very friendly Photography club and I am very proud to be a member of it.