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Indian Profile by Jerry Funk

May 2020 - Indian Profile

May 2020 - Jerry Funk


About the Image(s)

I composed this image before my indian guide pointed out the profile in the distance at Lower Antelope Canyon, AZ in May, 2019.

Nikon D810, Sigma 20mm lens ISO 90, 1/90th sec hand held, F16.

The overexposed blue sky was colored in Photoshop, but primarily processed in Lightroom 6.

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Don York   Don York
I like the left half, upper quadrant. The blurred right lower quadrant doesn't do it for me.   Posted: 05/04/2020 13:24:59
Jerry Funk   Jerry Funk
I understand, so I'll either crop a little or add detail. I cropped off that entire segment with the Indian silhouette in another image.   Posted: 05/04/2020 13:39:04

Jerry Snyder   Jerry Snyder
The extreme contrast and lack of any detail in the shadows gives this image a weighty and a solemn feel which I found compelling. It took me a minute to find where the crop came from in the original. I found myself spending time looking at all of the detail and contrast.   Posted: 05/04/2020 17:18:23

Ian Ledgard   Ian Ledgard
(Group 18)
Amazing shapes can be found in nature but are not always easy to record in the way you first see them. So in this image you have the profile OK but I find the image overwhelmed by the two large black triangles top right and bottom left. The original shows detail in these areas and I wonder if some of this could be revealed?
  Posted: 05/06/2020 05:17:35
Jerry Funk   Jerry Funk
This certainly isn't what I saw originally. I have never before deliberately created an image with such stark contrast. My intention was to draw the viewers eye back and forth between the bright areas while noticing the shadow silhouette between them.

I like to create variations, so I'll make one as you suggest. Im concerned that it will distract from my original intent.   Posted: 05/06/2020 09:02:53

Stuart Ord   Stuart Ord
Great fun to experiment with this sort of thing, much better than crosswords and the like. However on this occasion I can't say it inspires me much, it's a bit too disjointed for my liking. As for Don's picture, I'd suggest a 2 px white border.   Posted: 05/07/2020 15:52:13

Jerry Funk   Jerry Funk
This is not the first time that I overlooked the finishing touch of a thin stroke. I'll do that and move on to have more fun experimenting as I sometimes ignore rules to emphasize a point.   Posted: 05/07/2020 16:28:06

Stan Bormann   Stan Bormann
I was about to say the color version was not the same image until I read the comments about the crop. While I personally think blocked up to black in a color picture is almost alway objectionable, I think it is an acceptable alternative in mono. I think it accomplishes what Jerry wanted. Jerry has a face in this one too, with a big nose and chin created in the shadow on the right. The amount of black and soft area could be eliminated for the most part with a crop from the bottom.   Posted: 05/08/2020 10:52:39

John Roach   John Roach
I like the original composition a lot for its abstractness, flow and textures. The black and white image works with the description. I don't necessarily care for it very much, but understand it and it seems to work for that sort of story. I am not sure I can offer any ways to enhance the image.   Posted: 05/08/2020 15:23:10

Abhijeet Banerjee   Abhijeet Banerjee
I liked the original color image with it's details,texture and highlights. In the monochrome shadow areas are deviod of any details. But again, you have brought out the profile well which is your main objective for the mono.   Posted: 05/27/2020 02:15:20