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Famous Foods of Virginia by John Roach

March 2020 - Famous Foods of Virginia

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While the building with the water tank on it is now a condominium complex, it was once the headquarters and primarily cookie factory facility for Famous Foods of Virginia (a.k.a., Southern Biscuit Company and Interlake Foods). I was out doing some street photography along Board Street in Richmond, Virginia and captured this view from the adjacent parking lot of the Virginia Science Museum (formerly Union Station) that I presented last month.

This is an out of camera monochrome jpeg that I have slightly adjusted in Lightroom to open up shadows selectively. The image was captured with Fuji X-Pro2 and 18-55mm lens at 76mm equivalent, ISO 400, 1/850s, f/9, -0.7 EV, Aperture Priority.

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Jerry Funk   Jerry Funk
I'm sure local people will find this an important documentary photo. Most of us, I think, tend to overlook these photographic opportunities. I recently found a 50 year old photo of mine that I believe has importance. I'll submit it next month.   Posted: 03/04/2020 00:08:55

Don York   Don York
For me this image lacks interest or drama or, especially if you do not know the local history involving the building. Also, a little increase in contrast may help.   Posted: 03/06/2020 11:10:10

Stuart Ord   Stuart Ord
Technically I think this is fine. The sky's bland obviously and could be improved by importing a different one.

I didn't want to be the first to say it, but I'm afraid I agree with Don's comments, not really interesting other than for those who know the building or area perhaps.   Posted: 03/06/2020 11:45:40

Stan Bormann   Stan Bormann
Yes, this is not likely to win any medals, but it is well done. As a documentary, it might make it into a local magazine. I would normally not recommend doing monochrome in camera, but this image has a good tonal range and good contrast. I frankly have no problem with a sky of any tone in mono, as long as it sets off the image well, and this one does. Strange that a BBB, Blue But Boring sky in color is a negative to me, but this is not in mono.   Posted: 03/07/2020 15:42:26
John Roach   John Roach
Images are not solely about medals and awards. What of a regional photo essay, or photo book, or exhibit that includes well presented images that are on their own or as a group images that matter to some folks?

Regarding, in camera Monochrome, I argue that depending on the camera's attributes, it might offer surprising and pleasing results. I do it a lot now after only processing the mono look from RAW for several years for a long time because it can offer great results and enhance the experience of seeing in B&W at the capture time.

Many years ago I took a workshop where we started with in camera B&W in order to practice seeing.   Posted: 03/07/2020 18:17:32
Stan Bormann   Stan Bormann
Some photographers set up the camera with RAW plus jpeg and set the camera to Mono. Then the mono jpeg is what they see on the back of the camera, but they can process the RAW to mono with its much expanded amount of information. It allows ending up with a color like red as an example to a wide variety of tones from very light to very dark. In the old film days red just went to very dark and they had little control.   Posted: 03/07/2020 22:07:35
John Roach   John Roach
Exactly...that is my choice when I choose jpeg in camera. In both my Nikon Z6 and my Fuji X Series cameras, I have "numerous" black & white choices and even other creative options using alternative monochrome and variations of color that often simulate quite nicely old film types. The Fuji actually calls the jpeg picture controls "film simulation". Shooting both in RAW and Jpeg this way allows one to discover possibilities that might work very nicely right out of the camera as well as suggest a way to process the RAW image and even do both! The "possibilities" are limitless when coupled with quality post process software when needed.   Posted: 03/08/2020 09:00:26

Jerry Snyder   Jerry Snyder
It looks like a trendy place to live. The seasonal timing and time of day enhance this image. I like the fact that the lack of foliage on the trees allows the whole building to be viewed.The lighting on the front is glancing and not overly bright. I can imagine that the water tower is quite colorful and might be a center of interest in a color version.   Posted: 03/08/2020 12:58:49

Ed Tepper   Ed Tepper
(Group 80)
Boy you guys are tough, I'm glad I'm not in this group (LOL) - not really, everyone's photos are amazing here. About using B&W in camera, in my mind any image straight out of camera needs a lot of work, especially in tonality. The dynamic range of any camera does not come close to the dynamic range of the human eye. The 35mm camera that has the best dynamic range as far as I know is the D850, which has a 15 stop dynamic range. That means that the sensor can see about 16,000 shades from white to black. The human eye has a dynamic range of 21 stops, which means we can see over 1 million shades from white to black. I always shoot in RAW and I always find myself using the local adjustment tools (adjustment brush, graduated linear brush and graduated radial brush) to dodge and burn specific areas of my photos to add the contrasts I want.   Posted: 03/16/2020 23:14:15
John Roach   John Roach
Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Your comments are very valid. Perhaps, it depends on the light and the definition of "lot" work on the out of the camera image. While I still do 75% percent of my monochrome work based on the RAW image and suitable software, I have been surprised with film simulation in camera often enough to pursue it when I think it works. For me, it adds another option to the fun of creative process.   Posted: 03/17/2020 08:13:58

Abhijeet Banerjee   Abhijeet Banerjee
I like this type of images which documents the heritage and is an insight to the next generation. Liked the monochrome which add to the mood of the image. Overall the image is well exposed with good highlights and shadow. Some human activity in foreground would have been interesting.   Posted: 03/26/2020 23:11:38

John Roach   John Roach
Thanks for the comments, everyone. Stay healthy!   Posted: 03/27/2020 07:38:10


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