Stan Bormann, APSA, EPSA  

Kayaker in Morning Mist by Stan Bormann, APSA, EPSA

November 2019 - Kayaker in Morning Mist

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Out shooting loons on Lake Ada in Minnesota on June 19 at 6:24am, I took a break and photographed my partner for the shoot, Bruce Taubert. Shot with Panasonic GH5, Olympus 40-150 f/2.8 w/1.4X set at 56mm, ISO 400, 56mm, f/7.1, 1/1250 sec. Converted to Monochrome in NIK Silver Efex.

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Stuart Ord   Stuart Ord
I do like this photo. It might be said that if he were approaching so that we could see his face it might be better, but as it is it looks like he's an intrepid traveller going out into a mysterious journey.

I love the tones and the reflection, and the horizon well off-centre. The ripples and reflection bring my eye to the subject, and the background is very complimentary I think.

Interesting frame! I like that, too, in this picture.

My only niggle would be the light area towards the top right. I don't know what it is, but I would clone it out as it doesn't seem significant enough to be something he's paddling towards.   Posted: 11/08/2019 02:06:26

Stan Bormann   Stan Bormann
Interesting comments, a good example that there are many ways we feel about an image. It is his back because that is the scene I saw when I was motivated to take the picture. At the same time I like it that way. The picture is about the scene, being enjoyed by the kayaker not about him. That might change if you were looking into his face.

The light area in the upper right is a tree that had more light on it than the rest of the scene. I brightened that area to bring it out more to have something he could be looking at. Clearly I could of done the opposite, but that is what I thought I would like to do.

By the way the frame is one of the standard frames in NIK Silver Efex, number 11 if I remember right. If I am going to add one it is my first choice and there are several adjustments you can make to it.   Posted: 11/08/2019 11:11:10

Jerry Snyder   Jerry Snyder
You have brought together a nice combination of elements that complete the image. The mist on the water, ripples on the water, water drops falling off the oars, and even the dead tree trunk on on the opposite shore combine to make an evocative image in my opinion. Well done!   Posted: 11/10/2019 08:16:57

John Roach   John Roach
Well done. I think you captured this scene very well in all regards. Really splendid.   Posted: 11/10/2019 15:44:40

Pamela Hoaglund   Pamela Hoaglund
(Groups 51 & 52)
I really love the serenity you captured in this image. My first reaction was WOW. The lighter dead tree in the mist provides a focus point for the kayaker. This image would find a place on my wall.   Posted: 11/10/2019 23:39:47

Jerry Funk   Jerry Funk
The others have said it all. Yes, the kayaker may be heading toward the dead tree. It's essential to the image. every element contributes to the whole! Wonderful!   Posted: 11/11/2019 06:27:38
Stan Bormann   Stan Bormann
I just received word that it took a 1st place in Mono Open in the Arizona Camera Club Council, ACCC, roundup. I am very happy with that. Just goes to show, no matter what you are out to shoot, always be opportunistic.   Posted: 11/11/2019 09:06:20
John Roach   John Roach
Congrats...well deserved.   Posted: 11/11/2019 09:16:56
Jerry Funk   Jerry Funk
When does your book of favorite images get printed? Congratulations.   Posted: 11/11/2019 11:02:50
Stan Bormann   Stan Bormann
I am thinking of doing a table top book but need to figure out what it is going to be. I did a presentation for my 60th high school reunion this summer and picked places in the world that most would not of been to and use a few pictures to summarize the place. Shirley and I were both thinking that this might be the start of a book. A few images and a few words for each place, city, national park or wildlife shoot as an example. Something for us and the family.   Posted: 11/16/2019 22:27:05

Don York   Don York
A truly amazing image with great reflections in the water ans nicely handled background in the fog with the one tree making a ghostly appearance.   Posted: 11/12/2019 09:34:13