Don York, PPSA  

Seed Pod Explodes by Don York, PPSA

October 2019 - Seed Pod Explodes

About the Image(s)

This image entitled "Seed Pod Explodes" was taken at the Oceanic Botanical Garden at Booth Bay, ME with Sony Alpha 7 Mark II, at 1/320sec, f 6.3, ISO 400.

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Jerry Snyder   Jerry Snyder
I really like the smoke-like impression of this image. How did you obtain the black background?
  Posted: 10/08/2019 11:01:24

Jerry Funk   Jerry Funk
I really like the composition, wonderful shapes and contrast.   Posted: 10/09/2019 17:11:23

Don York   Don York
The black background was accomplished in several steps in Lightroom, by decreasing the background slider, increasing the black slider and decreasing the exposure.   Posted: 10/11/2019 14:59:18

Don York   Don York
Do you think it needs a stroke to define the borders of the image?   Posted: 10/11/2019 15:13:50

John Roach   John Roach
I like your image, Don. I don't think a stroke or border or frame its needed. This would be awesome on metal without a frame...just the subject and the power of the black background. Well done!   Posted: 10/13/2019 12:18:06

Stuart Ord   Stuart Ord
I like the idea. Personally I would put a border on it unless it is printed - PDIs (which this forum is in a way) where I can't distinguish where the photo stops I find more difficult to look at. I've heard judges make a similar comment many times.
The depth of field is quite limited - was that intentional? I guess you were quite close to the subject, and f6.3 will do this when this close of course.
Lightroom has done a good job of the background with your technique. Masking off would be a hard job!   Posted: 10/15/2019 06:11:09

Stan Bormann   Stan Bormann
I like the image, it is very creative in my mind. I wish I could see things like this. I am not sure I like to see as much of the leaf in the lower right. I am wondering if the image could be rotated about 45 degrees CCW so you could crop some of this back a bit. You might be able to content aware fill or something to get enough black background to restore the left of the image in a vertical format. This idea might be a little over the top, but perhaps it could work.   Posted: 10/16/2019 23:52:08