Priscilla Farrell  

Helleborus by Priscilla Farrell

November 2020 - Helleborus

About the Image(s)

Canon Rebel T5i
90 mm macro lens.
1/5 sec.
ISO 200
Window lighting w/tripod.

How I Did It:
With much more time being spent at home, due to the pandemic, I have been going through my catalog of photos. I discovered this image which I always liked but never received many comments on. I did present it to the camera club and didn't receive much feed-back other than if I like it keep it. Here it is, so, any further comments are welcome.

Processed in Photoshop Elements, Detail Extractor in NIK .

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Barbara Asacker   Barbara Asacker
Hi Priscilla
Its lovely. It appears to be backlit so I can see the fine details of the green veins throughout the flower, which complements the background. The hint of pink in the lower part of image adds to the beauty of the flower. Its sharp and well composed. I think you should have it printed. Its a keeper for sure.   Posted: 11/13/2020 13:55:59


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