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Consecration of holy places in the Temple of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem by Israel Yosef

November 2019 - Consecration of holy places in the Temple of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem

November 2019 - Israel Yosef


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In the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem,
one of the rites, at two o’clock in the afternoon, three priests from different faiths (Greek, Armenian and Christian)
go around the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, stop in certain places and consecrate them.

I shoot in RAW format and process with Lightroom: basic adjustment, detail, texture, etc. Then I convert to B&W in Lightroom.

Camera settings: Sony a7r III. ISO 3200, 1/250s, f/2.8, 60mm, lens: Sony FE 24-70mm f/2.8.

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Gary Stiger   Gary Stiger
Nice capture on the swing of that incense burner Israel... You got the timing down just right. I'm guessing this is a Greek priest... very intent on doing the job properly. I'm not sure what exactly he is consecrating so maybe, if it were possible, you could have angled a little behind him to also capture what was in the window. That in my opinion would have added more to the story, but still a sensitive image just the way it is.   Posted: 11/06/2019 21:53:56
Israel Yosef   Israel Yosef
Gary thanks, you're right this is a Greek priest ... how did you guess?
I like your offer to stand a little behind the priest to show what is in the window.
I'll take this into account and try to do it the next time.
Thank you so much   Posted: 11/07/2019 03:24:24

Oliver Morton   Oliver Morton
Excellent timing! I like the smoke and the angle of the pot that he's swinging. It seems to point to the window, which adds even more interest to the image. To me, this is one of those images that works well in either monochrome or color.

Like Gary, I think it would have been an even better photograph to show what he's consecrating. Also, it would be fantastic to be able to see a bit more of his arms. Nonetheless, it's an excellent capture in a difficult environment. Well done!

  Posted: 11/08/2019 16:35:49
Israel Yosef   Israel Yosef
Many thanks to Oliver for the compliments.   Posted: 11/11/2019 11:14:31

Bob Legg   Bob Legg
Israel, excellent job to SEE and freeze the motion in such a dark environment. I'm not sure I would of changed from the position that you were at. Unless the subject thru the window was colorful and or discernible (It may of just been the building) I would of stayed with the blue from this garments and the reflections in his glasses. That reflection most likely would of not been visible if you had moved, it's already in the top corner of the lens, just liked you had planned it. Great Job.   Posted: 11/10/2019 15:42:26
Israel Yosef   Israel Yosef
Thank you so much Bob for compliments.
This is the holiest place for Christians and there are lots of visitors there all the time.
It's not easy to find a good place for photography.
But I hope to get there soon and make more pictures with the changes you have recommended to me.   Posted: 11/11/2019 10:44:46

Julie Sheppard   Julie Sheppard
Hi Israel - I've been savouring this image since I first saw it. The tonal values are really beautiful. Perfect timing with the swing of the incense and the priest's face - the window - the detail on his clothes - wonderful.

Would have been great to have a little more room to the left of him, but realise that room constraints often don't allow that. I also wonder if the vertical lines in the window and background are straight - might be my dodgy eyes? I love it anyway - beautiful job. And I agree it works in colour and black and white equally.   Posted: 11/11/2019 03:17:07
Israel Yosef   Israel Yosef
Thanks a lot to Julie for the compliments.
I cropped the picture on the left because there were a lot of visitors after the pastor.
You ask were the vertical lines in the window and in the background straight, I don't remember.
But I promise to check and write to you.
Maybe I'll persuade my wife to come with me to Jerusalem next Saturday, I haven't photographed that in the evening for a long time.   Posted: 11/11/2019 11:00:54

Israel Yosef   Israel Yosef
My friends, I invite all of you to come to Israel and
I'll show everyone the city of Jerusalem.   Posted: 11/11/2019 11:01:21
Oliver Morton   Oliver Morton
Israel, that's a very generous offer. Thank you! If my wife and I ever travel to Jerusalem, I'll definitely get in touch (and take you to lunch!).

  Posted: 11/18/2019 06:54:19

LuAnn Thatcher   LuAnn Thatcher
Hello Israel,

A beautiful image in both color and black and white!

I think you have some very well stated comments and I really don't have anything to add to what everyone has already said.

But, I do suggest you do something different with your logo in the bottom left corner. The brightness of the logo is detracting from the image for me and it clashes with a scene that is very holy.

If you have to have a logo on an image, create a 1 - 2" border to make room for your signature/logo in the lower right corner of the image and stay consistent with placement from photo to photo. That way when you frame the image the signature and/or logo is covered. I have been told by professional photographers this is the better choice and especially when doing fine art photography. It is better not to have a logo on the actual image itself.

I would love to visit Jerusalem, Israel, a very holy city indeed.

Best regards,
LuAnn   Posted: 11/19/2019 08:57:02
Israel Yosef   Israel Yosef
Hello LuAnn,
Thank you for the advice.
I will certainly use it in the future.
If you come to Israel, I'll be very happy to show you the holy city of Jerusalem.   Posted: 11/19/2019 10:16:14
LuAnn Thatcher   LuAnn Thatcher
I will work on that, Israel!

LuAnn   Posted: 11/19/2019 10:44:45