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Connor Perriton by Julie Sheppard

August 2019 - Connor Perriton

August 2019 - Julie Sheppard


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This is Connor Perriton. He was one of the models at a studio workshop that Scott Fowler held. The Hair and Makeup Artist, Shelley, got Connor to hold a stencil against his face and chest and she patted on white makeup to fill the spaces. Then I asked Connor to stand in front of a black background in the studio and took his photo there. It wasn't actually one of the stations, so there was no formal lighting. As you can see there is some stray lighting from the fixed lighting station that goes left to right across the picture and the ambient lighting in the room. I made it black and white in Lightroom on the ipad and took exposure down low, whites up, contrast up and then selectively lightened under the eyes. I noticed after that his left eye (which is in the dark on the right of the photo) is lighter than his right eye which is in the light, so I could change that. The settings were ISO 2000, 1/200, f/5 55mm. Its probably completely wrong, but I like it, its gritty and he looks like a superhero, or dangerous or something. Feel free to have a go and be interested to hear your feedback.

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Oliver Morton   Oliver Morton
Julie, this is a striking image. I love how you've darkened the right side and brought out the muscle tone of the model. Your B&W version is amazing... so much more interesting than the original color. Also, I was impressed with the use of white makeup over the stencil. When I saw it, I had no doubt that I was seeing light shining through an object with small holes.

My only thoughts would be to slightly lower the brightness of the white makeup and to further enhance the darker shadows. It's certainly a key component of the image, but it's so strong that it draws my attention away from his eyes, which to me, are also a key component. I played with it a bit (below).

This is a wonderful concept and you executed it brilliantly. Well done!

  Posted: 08/15/2019 08:10:13
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Julie Sheppard   Julie Sheppard
Oooh good call Oliver - you are quite right too - I love your edit and will bring the brightness of my whites back. Thank you so much x   Posted: 08/17/2019 04:07:54

LuAnn Thatcher   LuAnn Thatcher
Hello Julie,

Love this photo! I used to shoot Muay Thai kickboxing fights/tournaments and often wanted to do an HDR fighter like this.

I really like how Oliver edited and brought the light back to the fighters face. Now the catch light in both eyes is good with the left side of his face now having more light. I believe HDR editing is the key to getting this grunge type of photo to pop.

I really like this submission!

Best regards,

  Posted: 08/25/2019 21:02:36