Manfred Mueller  

Theatrical Makeup  by Manfred Mueller

November 2020 - Theatrical Makeup

November 2020 - Manfred Mueller


About the Image(s)

This is an image that has been sitting around for a number of years, one that I knew had potential, but never got it looking the way I wanted until now.
I had sat in on a makeup course that was given at a local community college in order to improve my understanding of what a makeup artist would do to improve the looks of a person. I provided portfolio images for the students in exchange for letting me photograph them. One of the students was more interested in theatrical makeup than in the fashion/beauty makeup that most of the class. This was her work.
She wanted to do the face only, but I told her that wouldn't work so used Photoshop to retouch the neck as well. I pushed the sharpening a lot harder than I normally would to give the image the appearance of hard stage lighting. Lighting was from a reflective umbrella on the camera left side and a white reflector on the camera right set up to give a softened split lighting.

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Jen Fawkes   Jen Fawkes
(Group 18)
Hello Manfred, I think this is a stunning portrait and I love the work you have done on it in post processing.   Posted: 11/02/2020 03:51:56

Donna Paul   Donna Paul
Wow! I love what you did with this photo. You were right about having the neck done it adds a complete image. Very nice artwork and then photography!   Posted: 11/02/2020 09:16:58