Jim Mahoney, APSA, EPSA  

Sasha the Librarian by Jim Mahoney, APSA, EPSA

January 2020 - Sasha the Librarian

About the Image(s)

Sasha wanted to show a scholarly look and decided on using the book and her glasses as props. We strategically placed the book and her hair to make this an implied photo. I used three lights, a main, fill and hair. We carefully placed the hair light behind her head to produce a halo effect. She was standing in front of a grey background and I replaced that using Smart Photo Editor with this electronic blue background. Processing (with the exception of the background) was done using Elements and On1.

This was taken with my Canon 80D and 28 - 80 lens.

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Manfred Mueller   Manfred Mueller
The scholarly look? I'll have to take your word for it... :D

An effective image, as always. The key and fill lights work well, although I might prefer to have her face stand out just a touch more. I like the lips and teeth and the interaction with the glasses on her lips.

I'm not 100% sold on the hair light. Her dark hair on the light background doesn't suggest that a hair light is warranted as you already have good separation there. I find that it is a bit hot for my taste and the halo is more of a distraction than something that adds to the image.

I do like the messy hair look. It is effective for this shot. If it were my shot, I might be tempted to lighten up her face just a touch. The light seems a bit hotter on other parts of her body and it draws the viewer's attention away from her face just a touch.

You've tackled the implied nude well. All the bits that need to be hidden have been hidden.   Posted: 01/03/2020 00:19:24

Donna Paul   Donna Paul
Well done. I like how you show her full belly. I like the lighting on her face I am not sure about if the back light behind her head makes my eye go away from the image. As you know I don't know much but, I feel as if the bottom is closer to me than her head?   Posted: 01/03/2020 09:59:14
My camera angle is too low and it makes her bottom look closer than her head.   Posted: 01/03/2020 11:41:36

Jim Hooper   Jim Hooper
Pretty girl, and an implied nude will always garner an extra glance or two.

For me, the pose is too static and linear. And I have to agree that the hair light doesn't add to the image. I actually thought it was a background replacement, because the hairlight looked more like a halo remnant of a background swap.   Posted: 01/03/2020 10:48:02

Cheryl Dubois   Cheryl Dubois
I agree the hairlight/halo effect is distracting and the area just above her navel is a little hot. Otherwise I really like the even skin tones and her full hair.   Posted: 01/18/2020 19:04:06

Salvador Atance   Salvador Atance
I think the treatment you got to her hair is really impresive, the inocence on her pose with the glasses at her lips, all of them accentuate her languid look.
Only one thing I observe strangely is the way of holding the book, which seems more natural when the spine is in contact with the palm of the hand.   Posted: 01/21/2020 14:02:36