Donna Paul  

Ethnic Fashion by Donna Paul

December 2019 - Ethnic Fashion

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2 OCF camera right camera left.
Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, Exposure time 1/160 sec. Focal length 105.0 mm, F/4.0, ISO 800. I going for a Ethnic fashion style.

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Manfred Mueller   Manfred Mueller
Very strong image Donna. It is probably the strongest one you have posted to date. Most of the things I would look at changing are quite minor; even out the colour and shade of the background and bring a bit more texture back into the sleeves of the black sweater(?)she is wearing (i.e. dodge those areas).

Well done!   Posted: 12/04/2019 09:47:47
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Jim Hooper   Jim Hooper
(Group 41)
I like the emotion youve caught here. Well done. I think id suggest lightening the black sleeve just a touch, as noted above. Additionally, and this might be a result of the size requirements here, but the background and facial tones seem noisy. With 2 off, you might have been able to up the power and drop the iso.   Posted: 12/06/2019 22:56:15


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