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Halloween Witch by Donna Paul

October 2019 - Halloween Witch

October 2019 - Donna Paul


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manual settings, No tripod, f/5.6, 1/20 sec exposure, ISO -125, no flash.
Sub - Halloween
The effect trying to achieve - spooky
steps - I used the clone tool to get rid of some of the items I did not want in the image. I Cropped the image. I use On 1 raw and Paintshop Pro

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Manfred Mueller   Manfred Mueller
Donna - while I like the concept, the problem I have with this image has a lot to do with human physiology, specifically with how the human visual system works. Our visual system is keyed to areas of highlights and high contrast.

In this image, the background; the wall hanging of the skull and the floor are so very much lighter than your subject, so our eyes go there, not the figure. With some careful dodging and burning, you could lighten up your subject and burn down the background to counteract this issue.   Posted: 10/08/2019 11:08:49
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Donna Paul   Donna Paul
Manfred Muellerl, Thank you for giving me C.C. I am going to try to do what you said.   Posted: 10/08/2019 12:15:35


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