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Fishing in Puget Sound by Damon Williams

January 2021 - Fishing in Puget Sound

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35mm prime
ISO 160
cropped only.
So, when fishing the summer salmon runs, in Puget Sound, you want to be on the water from about 1 hour before slack tide to about 1 hour after. Given that the high tide and sunrise coincided pretty closely, I thought it would be a perfect day to fish. After about 45 min of not seeing anyone catch anything, I thought it would be more valuable to take advantage of the sunrise, than continue beating my head against the wall fishing.

I wanted to keep my ss up there, to keep things crisp, but in this case was looking for a silhouette as well, so dialed down ISO to get the color in the sky and the silhouetted fisherman (I think I was using Average metering). I like the lines in the image (especially the razor sharp fishing rod), the texture of the water, and the color of the sky (which I didn't want to oversaturate). To me, this just completely captures the look and feel of fishing at dawn.

Only two fisherman and not three? Could be a thing for some folks, but there are nine mountain peaks to make up for it. ;) Fisherman is not completely black, which I could've fixed by bringing blacks down, but the hint of detail in the silhouette is how I experienced it just before dawn. Only my wife has seen this, and her reaction was "meh."

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Bernie Groome   Bernie Groome
I really like the silhouettes. They really popped out at me when first opening the image. I agree with you, I like that the fisherman in the foreground is not completely black. It does give a since of reality to the image. I also like the tack sharpness of the both fishermen and the different shades of blue. Maybe add a little "water and mountain" to the left. In what mode were you shooting (M, A, S, or P in Nikonize)?   Posted: 01/06/2021 07:23:41
Damon Williams   Damon Williams
Which mode? Hmmm. Good question. Frankly, don't remember, and can't locate that in my metadata (LrC metadata is pretty good though). But, if I was a betting man, I would guess that this was in fact Manual (right after I rant about using automation, right?). The reason I say this is that my ISO is obviously in the manual range (200 is base), I'm not at my fastest aperture for this lens (f1.8), and ss is kind of high for these conditions...but that's because I wanted something non-standard; a properly exposed sky, and an underexposed subject (while still retaining some detail). I think this is a good example of when you can't rely on automation, and have to be able to go manual. Thinking about it, I could've achieved the same thing using full automation (decouple auto-exposure from auto-focus, expose for the sky, focus on the subject, leave ISO in auto), but it was more expeditious just to spin the dials (especially on the Fuji x-series, which has lots of nice physical controls).

Re: recropping, I checked, it ain't gonna happen. There is nothing to the left of the fisherman. But, thinking about it, I probably framed this image in order to a) point most directly into the rising sun, and b) avoid Whidbey Island instead of looking all the way over to the east side of the Sound. So, your idea might produce a nicer image, but that's all I got Man! ;)   Posted: 01/06/2021 11:13:42


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