Jane Pittenger  

SLOW FOAM AND SURF by Jane Pittenger

January 2021 - SLOW FOAM AND SURF

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24-105 lens at 105
1 sec
F 22
ISO 100

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Damon Williams   Damon Williams
Happy New Year Jane!
Interesting shot! I definitely get the sense of motion that I think you were looking for, by stretching your ss to 1s. I think the fact that this is an image of foam, and not just liquid water, adds a dimension and quality you don't see all the time. And, the juxtaposition of the motionless rocks in the otherwise chaotic and flowing foam is kind of striking. This seems like it was a relatively small piece, so I commend your eye for locating the beauty in the small and unobtrusive, which I think is an art.

You know, truth be told, after looking at this awhile, I think I like the top 2/3 of the image best, since the appearance is just a little more familiar to me, and I like the grey streaks better than the...cotton candy white of the lower right corner. But, that's just a personal preference and not a statement about the technical qualities of the shot.

Also, I can't tell if I want to see more of what's to the right (since that rock on the right leads my eye in that direction), or less (in order to concentrate on the central rock). I dunno.

I think your exposure of the water/foam is spot on, which is not an easy task given the dynamic range of the image. At first I wasn't sure how much detail you'd achieved in the rocks, but then I rotated my laptop screen and it all popped out. (Note to self: Do this stuff on your desktop monitor, or view it on two different screens.)

P.S. You must have had this on a tripod. Did you get it salty/sandy? I've been doing some research on tripods that can handle the marine environment, and am not sure I've come up with a good answer. Perhaps you just have to find that old, thrasher tripod that you are willing to sacrifice, and then rinse it a lot. But, frankly, I stress about dropping my camera into the drink too. Maybe I'm just not cut out for the high-stakes game of shoreside photography.

  Posted: 01/05/2021 10:11:50


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