Carol Sheppard  

Butterfly on Flower by Carol Sheppard

December 2019 - Butterfly on Flower

About the Image(s)

Okay, this is kind of a weird one for me, but I have been doing two things: going back in time to see how I've progressed from my early attempts at Macro Photography, and trying out new things I've learned in Photoshop. This was taken using my Canon 50d, my Canon 100mm Macro Lens, on a tripod, and the settings were ISO400, f8, 1/250th sec shutter speed. It had a weak background, and was somewhat soft. So I pulled it into photoshop and sharpened it using a blend mode (high pass), then I tried a variety of things--changing the background in different ways, trying a variety of blur options. Finally, I tried this: I cleaned up the background by cloning and using content aware, with a 50% opacity while cloning to mute the colors some. I then went into the filter gallery and simply used one of the artistic filters, then adjusted the "brush" size to get an effect I liked. I love, love, love Photoshop!


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