Kerry McFarlane  

China Tyrrell Triples by Kerry McFarlane

March 2023 - China Tyrrell Triples

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Title: China Tyrrell Triples

My image this month is a member of the Quambatook Bowls Club competing in the Tyrrell Triples Championships.

Camera and Lens: Nikon D580 Nikon 70-200 175mm
Settings: f4.0 1/3200sec ISO 320

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Hans-Werner Griepentrog   Hans-Werner Griepentrog
Hi Kerry, a nice photo of lawn bowling. The concentrated facial expression and the expectation whether the throw will also be successful give this photo a certain tension.   Posted: 03/06/2023 04:18:15

Ronald Davis   Ronald Davis
Hi Kerry. Another photo from a sport that requires concentration and control of the body and you have captured this well. Hands forward body steady captured at 1/3200 freezing all motion.
What I could suggest with photos like this is that you can probably position yourself not in direct line of background spectators like the man in blue and white polo shirt. I take many cricket photos of batspersons in the middle of the ground some distractions cannot be avoided but sometimes it's only a matter of 2 steps to the right and you will have the glass door, curtains and brick wall, to me a better background. At cricket matches I have to contend with background cars I try to avoid yellow, red, lime and white cars, black and grey are better but are still cars. With high fast-moving action though it's virtually impossible.   Posted: 03/08/2023 16:50:13

Dr Isaac Vaisman   Dr Isaac Vaisman
Kerry, great image at peak of action as the lawn bowling ball has been released. The player is frozen in an active body position, and his face shows the concentration required for a successful throw. As Ronald say, sometimes it is very difficult to avoid a person in the background.   Posted: 03/09/2023 20:50:24

Gerald Emmerich Jr   Gerald Emmerich Jr
I think you've done a very nice job on a subject we don't see too often. I like the color, the composition, and the concentration, all captured at the right moment.   Posted: 03/28/2023 22:42:17