Bruce Benson  

Roldan Being Fouled by Bruce Benson

December 2019 - Roldan Being Fouled

December 2019 - Bruce Benson


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Like last month’s image, this was taken at the MLS playoff game Seattle Sounders vs Real Salt Lake City. It involved the same Seattle player Christian Roldan being fouled as last month’s image.

Image Data:
1/640/F 2.8/ISO1600
Canon 1DX MK 2
Canon 400 2.8

I straightened the image and adjusted the exposure contrast and cropped it quite a bit.
I really appreciate all of the kind comments from everyone on last month’s image.

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Gerald Emmerich   Gerald Emmerich
This is another great soccer action image. Of course, your tighter crop improves the original image dramatically. However, I think you might have cropped even tighter. I rotated counter-clockwise slightly, and then I cropped the top to eliminate the out-of-focus green in the upper left and upper right. I cropped the sides to eliminate some of the recognizable out-of-focus letters in the wall. I even cropped the bottom to eliminate yard line. (I also increased the contrast a bit as well.) I think getting rid of these minor distractions helps.   Posted: 12/04/2019 21:32:13
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