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The View from Above by Phil Zolla

October 2019 - The View from Above

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I went to the first game of the Connecticut Whale, the National Women’s Hockey League team here in CT. Since I freelance for an online magazine, my son and I had media passes for the game. This one was kind of like the overhead goal shots on TV except the seats are somewhat at the edge of the rink and, from where I was standing, I can look down and they are right below me. I was just hoping my lens hood wouldn’t fall off. LOL

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Diane Brown
Great on you doing something different. You have a clean shot, well exposed, and sharp. For an overhead shot, you are not likely to get emotion/face, so you can shoot wide, and get a shot that tells a story, or shows a setting. Otherwise you can shoot for action. I am not sensing tension from this shot. I think if another player was present they would add a dynamic. Also, I think centering a player in the shot makes them seem more static, whereas if you show them moving into the frame it gives the eye somewhere to go.   Posted: 10/17/2019 22:03:43


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