Dr Isaac Vaisman, PPSA  

Headhunter by Dr Isaac Vaisman, PPSA

March 2023 - Headhunter

About the Image(s)

This image was created in Medellin-Colombia a few years ago, with a Nikon D4 and the Nikkor zoom 28-300 mm f/3.5-5.6G using these settings: 210 mm, f/5.6, ISO 200, 1/80s
I was sitting in the front seat of a multi passengers van, and the driver had slow down to make a right turn, but there were some people on the street, and suddenly I saw this man standing in the corner and waiting to cross the street carrying these three “heads” therefore the title of “headhunter”. I shot the image through the windshield and at the settings the camera had at that moment, since I did not have much time to make changes. I was able to get a few frames. All but this one had a very cluttered background . This one had minimal disturbing element in the background. The image was cropped, I des saturated some neon light in the store window behind and to the right of the street vendor.

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Ed Taje   Ed Taje
I for one do not think there is much, if anything you can do to improve this image. In looking at his face the story to me is that he is in a hurry to cross the road and off load the heads .   Posted: 03/14/2023 16:21:17

Bruce Goodman   Bruce Goodman
At first I thought this was a loving guy with his pet cow until I took a second look and saw the little heads. Love the title! Great capture for a spur-of-the-moment shot. Your edits make the main subject really stand out.

Now, what was he going to do with these heads??? B   Posted: 03/26/2023 12:35:12
Dr Isaac Vaisman   Dr Isaac Vaisman
They were for sale   Posted: 03/26/2023 21:59:19

Gloria Sprung   Gloria Sprung
Isaac, nice camera position and 3/4 crop of the man. The eye of the bull draws you in and then takes the viewer around the image, moving from head to head. I also like the clean background and the vibrant colors. Interesting story, you begin to wonder who would buy these artifacts and are they for real. The image is nice and sharp.   Posted: 03/27/2023 09:12:52

Bill Wright   Bill Wright
A neat image. I like the way the heads seem to form and S drawing you through the scene.
Would a light vignette, say -8 or 9, help to even focus further on the man and the heads?   Posted: 03/29/2023 08:29:53