Hassan Sadek, QPSA  

Different Ways by Hassan Sadek, QPSA

February 2021 - Different Ways

About the Image(s)

I have taken this photo in Baku, Azerbaijan. I liked the way people are distributed in the photo and how each one has his/her own purpose of movement in each side of the road.
the settings were: 1/25 sec. f/10 105mm , ISO: 200

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Stephen Levitas   Stephen Levitas
(Group 32)
Yes, good eye to get this. The pattern of the people could not be better if you planned it. It immediately jumps out at the viewer. Well done.   Posted: 02/07/2021 22:42:51

Isaac Vaisman M.D.   Isaac Vaisman M.D.
Hassan, this is a busy street and crossing point. People is waiting, and others are moving in different directions, so it creates an interesting image with lots going on. It is sharp except the intentional low shutter speed (1/25) that creates some degree of blur to denote movement. The red signs of the bookstore also makes you look that way and appreciate the architecture as well. Good timing.   Posted: 02/09/2021 20:01:56

Gloria Sprung   Gloria Sprung
Hassan, the fact that all the pedestrians are wearing black keeps the eye moving from person to person. I like that each person is caught in a different posture, which makes the image all the more interesting. Nice unobtrusive background and the architecture of the building is unusual and a bit quirky.   Posted: 02/17/2021 12:21:02
Dan Waters   Dan Waters
Yes! All wearing black keeping eye moving from one to the other.   Posted: 02/20/2021 16:08:54

Dan Waters   Dan Waters
The story I see is of a young man meeting a woman for the first time and getting her phone number while everyone else is going about their normal day. A balanced composition against and interesting back drop. Nice.   Posted: 02/17/2021 20:25:47

Bruce Goodman   Bruce Goodman
This reminds me of a sci-fi scene where all the actors are frozen in the scene. I like the focal point of the couple at the crossing light and the movement of the two people who are walking out of the photograph. A lot of interesting but very ordinary things going on in a nice capture. B   Posted: 02/18/2021 09:06:20

Daniel De Cort   Daniel De Cort
A busy street scene with a lot to see. Because most people are dressed dark, makes a unity between the characters. It is fascinating to look from one to the other. A bit of a pity that the lady in the middle is covering the people in the background.   Posted: 02/22/2021 06:17:42