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This page is dedicated to discussing street photography or street photojournalism images outside of the Digital Dialogue world. Members will post a link to an off-site image for discussion by the group without fear of offending any group member.

Isaac Vaisman M.D.   Isaac Vaisman M.D.
This is just a try to see how it come up in the Bulletin Board and of the image Igor submitted: Indeed it show an image of war and peak of action. Everybody is running for their life. All but one of the men are in civilian clothes and therefore representing the non army warriors. Obviously the photographer was right there. It is a non posed image. More than street photography it is war photojournalism. It records a moment during the conflict.   Posted: 10/07/2015 20:16:59

Is a war or action image necessarily not a 'street photo'? Is there a separate category like 'war photography' or 'action photography'? What is photo journalism anyway? Are 'boring' or 'static' or 'non-journalism' a part of definition of 'street photography'? I see a lot of 'street photos' depicting someone in a street looking at his/her cell phone. Is it really interesting?
Also I have examples of 'non-journalism' photos that are as dramatic as this one. And I think the reason why this picture is interesting (to me at least) not because of the war but mostly because of dynamics in it: look at the chaotic random movements of all the characters in the scene. It seems almost unreal. The horizon is not horizontal and it adds even more instability to the picture. When I look at it I do not think about technical aspects of the image because I am involved in the action. That is what makes any photo work - involvement, internal response of the observer. It is true for any type of visual art.   Posted: 10/07/2015 23:51:25

I agree with all of Igor's concerns about the definition of street photography. I have read the comments of many people trying to nail down this definition. Even a street photograph of a person looking at his smart phone has a quality of photojournalism in the sense that the photo is making a comment about our current hectic culture and asking us to make a judgment. So even a "non-journalism" photograph may be making a newsworthy statement.

For the purposes of our bulletin board I don't think we need to be worried about whether something is a valid street photograph or a valid piece of photojournalism. Our purpose is to have something to contemplate and make comments upon. I think each of us will make a selection based on our own tastes.

The photograph Igor submitted is very compelling because, as he points out, the action is superb. The men are escaping from their position in all different directions. Technically the photograph is quite good with all the action frozen with an adequate shutter speed. The color is realistic. I think the overall message of this photograph is, "war is frightening".

Thank you for this selection.   Posted: 10/08/2015 09:52:55

This is a photo for discussion by Thomas Leuthard, a Swiss street photographer. I will submit my comments after others have had a chance.   Posted: 10/24/2015 15:05:30
Comment Image
Barbara was concerned with other's images displayed on this site because of copyrights. The link works just fine.   Posted: 10/27/2015 09:36:28

Thomas Leuthard's image is quite large but comes into the bulletin board as a thumbnail size. So let's try using this link. Maybe it will work.   Posted: 10/25/2015 08:23:29

Gloria Sprung   Gloria Sprung
I feel the sense of danger and action of the image. I can't help but wonder how far away the photographer was in order to capture this image - was his own life also in danger? Igor,thank you for this is very provocative submission for discussion.   Posted: 10/27/2015 12:52:56

Isaac Vaisman M.D.   Isaac Vaisman M.D.
About Thomas Leuthard’s image. Very intriguing. Taken from a high vantage point (upstairs). Nice silhouette with its corresponding shadow. Lost of leading lines in all directions but mainly towards the exit opening. Great composition. The stairs on the right side also guides you to the woman’s image. Indeed, the photographer had to be waiting for the right moment to click. The semicircular lines outside also helps to guide the direction of the image. It is well focused. The shadows and the poles on the glass wall frame the woman’s silhouette and shadow. Good B&W interpretation.   Posted: 11/10/2015 08:33:45

Lots of graphic material here. Shadows, leading lines, semicircles in the presence of a person make this an interesting study. The person here is just another graphical component of the photograph and not a human being with thoughts and feelings. The photograph works superbly as a graphical study but not as a street commentary on the human condition.   Posted: 11/10/2015 11:42:49

Gloria Sprung   Gloria Sprung
Technically Thomas Leuthard's image is well composed and well balanced with lights and darks. The subject is in a public space and looks like she's anxious to get home.
  Posted: 11/22/2015 18:08:29

I think it lacks a 'story'. The whole 'drama' is based on the play of light and shadows that is somewhat interesting but not intriguing enough to make it a 'very good' shot in my view.
I looked at the photographer's portfolio on and did not find him any interesting. There are many more interesting street shooters on flickr. (As an example:   Posted: 12/09/2015 13:37:10

Isaac Vaisman M.D.   Isaac Vaisman M.D.
Image for December 2015 by photographer Sebastiao Salgado from Brazil.
  Posted: 12/09/2015 13:57:32

Gloria Sprung   Gloria Sprung
Thank you Isaac, for this introduction to the works of Sebastian Salgado. His portfolio on the gold mine is fascinating and reflects the human condition. #14 is a worthy composition. The monochromatic image strips all color and makes the viewer concentrate on the human form. Most of all I like his camera position - which puts me at the bottom of the pit waiting my turn (as Sebastiao must have been himself.)   Posted: 12/19/2015 05:05:27

That photo is brilliant! I have nothing to add.   Posted: 12/20/2015 21:52:13

Isaac Vaisman M.D.   Isaac Vaisman M.D.
Indeed Sebastiao Salgado is a photographer of the human condition. All his work, with few exceptions, is about people, all over the world, specially places with "rough" living conditions. In this image the repetitive patterns of the men's torsos carrying a heavy load, for me is very dramatic, and as Gloria pointed out, he lived the moment, waiting his turn to get out of the pit. Interesting composition, in an angle looking up. Very sharp. Well printed with perfect B&W tones.   Posted: 12/22/2015 15:36:27

Salgado is certainly a master photographer. His piece here, one of many in his Brazilian gold miners portfolio, conjures up a scene from Dante's Inferno.

Clearly this is not a street photograph but a great example of photojournalism.   Posted: 12/22/2015 16:10:59

Isaac Vaisman M.D.   Isaac Vaisman M.D.
Image for January 2016 submitted by Gloria Sprung, an image by photographer Fan Ho titled ( or entitled ??) "Journey to Uncertainty". If you hover over the image and click it will show with no distracting elements and it has a slider on the right which you can use to enlarge areas for more detail.   Posted: 01/07/2016 09:29:45

Isaac Vaisman M.D.   Isaac Vaisman M.D.
I find this image very intriguing both by the distortion created by the photographer and for the composition with the main element in the real center. It shows the image of an elderly woman (dress, walking stick, head down) going into the light at the end of the tunnel and eventually will disappear from the frame. The bright area in the picture gives an additional sense of mystery. Good B&W interpretation.   Posted: 01/19/2016 12:33:14

Gloria Sprung   Gloria Sprung
I like the elongated figure of the elderly woman which gives her a sense of dignity. Walking slowly alone gives me the sense that it is a journey we all have to face someday - towards the light. The image is timeless, although taken decades ago.   Posted: 01/21/2016 13:05:02

I really enjoy the work of Fan Ho. Boy what he would have done with Photoshop. The woman's elongated body is quite surrealistic. I like Gloria's interpretation of moving toward the light as a metaphor for aging.   Posted: 01/29/2016 14:42:41

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