Marcela Stegemueller  

Caterpillar Worm by Marcela Stegemueller

May 2020 - Caterpillar Worm

About the Image(s)

My picture was taken with my 90 mm Macro Lens at 1/640 sec @ f/9.0 and ISO 3200.

I really tried to get this creature to hold still but it did not cooperate. I thought its markings were distinctive. It was hanging from a branch and then fell and moved very fast. I am not sure it is a worm or a caterpillar.

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Cindy Lynch   Cindy Lynch
Such an interesting shot and a good capture. I like the blurred background while keeping the main two leaves in the front sharp and in focus. On my monitor, there is quite a bit of noise and I wish the back of the caterpillar/worm (I don't know what it is either!) wasn't cut off.   Posted: 05/06/2020 10:12:31
Marcela Stegemueller   Marcela Stegemueller
I don't know what happened to the picture. I just sent another one to Jessica showing the whole creature. There is a lot of noise.I have not learned how to eliminate it in post processing. One more thing to try to learn....   Posted: 05/06/2020 11:19:41
Cindy Lynch   Cindy Lynch
Sometimes, I use the Luminance slider in Camera Raw.   Posted: 05/06/2020 11:24:50

Jessica Manelis   Jessica Manelis
I guess he didn't want his picture taken!! There is little bit of noise on the right, and I suppose the reason he is a little blurred is because he wouldn't stand still!! I think the composition works and it is definitely a great shot!   Posted: 05/19/2020 09:56:02

Andrew Carstensen   Andrew Carstensen
Excellent subject and subject shape. Plenty of great angles and subject is placed in the rule of thirds intersection.

The caterpillar's heads seem just a bit out of focus. Does your camera allow Focus Bracketing? Try it in upcoming photos. Also see if you can stack photos in your editing software. As for the noise, I am finding that using a lower ISO reduces harsh noise. You might not have been able to do so here because of their movements.   Posted: 05/21/2020 00:58:01
Marcela Stegemueller   Marcela Stegemueller
Thank you, Andrew for your suggestion to focus stack. I did not even think of it because I thought moving items could not be focus stacked -- but now I know. No, my camera does not focus stack, but I have done it manually on subjects that did not move. This little critter was moving very, very fast. A faster shutter speed may have been able to take his movements, but there wasn't enough light -- that is why I risked bumping the ISO.   Posted: 05/21/2020 15:08:27

Nelson Charette   Nelson Charette
Very nice image of this worm. I would maybe crop off a bit from the left, and maybe some from the bottom. I use Topaz DeNoise AI, to remove noise, it works very well.   Posted: 05/27/2020 15:00:33