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Wolf by Cindy Gosselin

February 2021 - Wolf

February 2021 - Cindy Gosselin


February 2021 - Cindy Gosselin

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This wolf is captive. He is at a wolf sanctuary; and whenever there is “road kill,” it is brought into the sanctuary to supplement a normal diet. So, in the winter of 2009, we were fortunate to travel to the sanctuary for some photo ops. I revisited this image last year, and hoped that some photographic clean up might make this a good opportunity for a painting. I added a woodland backdrop from my files and a foggy foreground to build the scene. I used mixer brushes to paint out most of the “carnage” that was exhibited on the body of the deer. The wolf and deer were then painted in Photoshop using “fur” mixer brushes.

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Nancy Speaker   Nancy Speaker
Wow Cindy, this is unbelievably realistic and yet definitely with a painterly feel. I am equally inspired with the way you incorporated the trees in the background and the way you handled the foreground. Your painting of the animals have wonderful harmonious tones and appropriate shadows. Getting the Shadows correct tends to be my biggest problem. The only thing you might want to consider is darkening the bright tones of the "road Kill" ears as my eye tends to go them first. The rest of your tones, highlights and shadows to me are spot on and I am impressed with the way you captured the face and paws of the wolf with so much detail and yet still creating a very painterly image. Lovely work.   Posted: 02/10/2021 00:54:26

Gerhard Geldenhuys   Gerhard Geldenhuys
You have done a magnificent job of these 2 images and your composition is wonderful. Well done and very nice brush work skillfully done.   Posted: 02/16/2021 06:52:12

Terry Clark   Terry Clark
Such a powerful image, very well done. And pulling the tree line in gives depth to what is a fairly flat original. Nice touch.
I would try to soften the edges of the wolf's legs so they blend a bit more with the background.   Posted: 02/20/2021 10:42:47

Trey Foerster   Trey Foerster
As a hunter IMHO, I think that if you are conveying a "kill" there needs to be some coloration of it. No matter how the wolf brings down its prey, it always goes for the jugular on the throat. But that's just me being a guy! I love what you've done to the wolf especially the face but its paws seem suspended rather than blended into the ground like in the original. I agree with Nancy about burning the doe and the background to make the wolf even more dominant. Very well done and a great concept here. In Wisconsin, the DNR may open a season on the wolf so this kind of image my have a good market for sales!   Posted: 02/20/2021 10:52:41


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