Gerhard Geldenhuys  

Baby Baboon by Gerhard Geldenhuys

October 2020 - Baby Baboon

October 2020 - Gerhard Geldenhuys


About the Image(s)

A picture taken by me in the wild some years ago. The image was done with Adobe cc and worked in layers on sections as I went along and applied modes and filters available in PS. Comments and suggestions, good or bad, are most welcome.

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Cindy Gosselin   Cindy Gosselin
You have captured a great moment in nature. And then, by turning it into a painting, it has become a work of art. I love it. It looks like you used the "oil paint" filter in PS. I love the strokes that were created, especially on the face of the baby. Because Mom's fur on the right side is darker, I might add a little bit of a vignette in that upper left triangle. Other than that, I wouldn't change a thing! Excellent rendition of this great moment.   Posted: 10/07/2020 15:32:06


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