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Creative Monochrome by Ron Clegg

April 2021 - Creative Monochrome

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Creative Monochrome, was shot last year at a photo shoot featuring Flamenco Dancers. The photograph had already scored well in club and international competition. I had recently purchased Topaz Adjust 2, and was experimenting on different images, looks and filters. and I came up with this. Nikon D700 ISO 200, 70-300 mm lens, f11 @1/ 125 sec.

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Samuel Lane   Samuel Lane
I went back and took a look at the entry from Nov and I like what you did with this one. In the Nov version I wanted to see her dance this version reminds me of the song by Santana "She's Just a Black Magic Women", keep your distance or get sucked in. I like the filter/s you used to get the ethereal affect that makes it look as if she is changing the air surrounding her with her dancing, and the light beams really add to the scene. Nicely done.   Posted: 04/08/2021 22:17:30

Gail McTaggart   Gail McTaggart
I like the version Ron, it has a painterly look to it. The effect suggests movement. I would like to see the effect toned down just a little on her face as I find it a little distracting
Well done Ron.   Posted: 04/10/2021 01:48:34

Alec Chester   Alec Chester
It is very interesting and the effect is a plus. I agree with Gail that less effect on the face would be good. I know that Topaz Studio offers the ability to paint over a mask for areas where you don't want the filter. Maybe Topaz Adjust does too.   Posted: 04/20/2021 07:57:06


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