Ron Clegg  

Flamanco Dancer by Ron Clegg

November 2020 - Flamanco Dancer

About the Image(s)

Flamenco Dancer, was shot in a large studio last year. There were three dancers and two musicians, in the group. The performer really got into what they were doing, and made this an exciting shoot. Nikon D700 ISO 200, f 11 @ 125 sec, Novatron 440 lighting system .

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Alec Chester   Alec Chester
The face and positioning of the arms make this a great image. The trim of the dress, upper and lower, provides balance and symmetry. The left hand look a bit odd. Perhaps darkening it would help.   Posted: 11/23/2020 15:03:42

Gail McTaggart   Gail McTaggart
A fantastic image of the dancer. You have done a great job capturing this Ron. Beautifully sharp and the detail is fantastic.The black background accentuates the dancer. Whilst I agree with Alec that the left hand looks strange but, I think that's what flamenco dancers do... click the little cymbals or their fingers.   Posted: 11/28/2020 02:08:39

Samuel Lane   Samuel Lane
This shot makes me want to see this lady dance, the facial expression and the flow within her movements are intriguing. I do concur with the above comments the way the light is hitting the hand does make it look a little off.   Posted: 11/28/2020 10:39:48

Matt Moses   Matt Moses
Great portrait of a focused dance. I wish you had played a bit here an capture some movement with motion blur, I think that would really take this already well done photo to another level. Other than looking at the cropping on the bottom edge of the photo cutting off the edge of the dress I wouldn't change anything.   Posted: 11/28/2020 11:14:36

Marianne Shine   Marianne Shine
Great capture of a moment in her exciting dance. The bright purple against the black background adds to the beauty and drama of this shot.   Posted: 11/30/2020 22:18:25