Matt Moses  

Duluth Harbor by Matt Moses

May 2020 - Duluth Harbor

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The scene in the Duluth Harbor while out on a social distance hike along Skyline drive. Have the Aerial Lift Bridge and a freighter sliding into place to unload limestone.

1/640 @ F/4

increased shadows
decreased highlights
adjusted contrast

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Dennis Zhang   Dennis Zhang
Nice shot!   Posted: 05/15/2020 16:03:34

Ron Clegg   Ron Clegg
An interesting shot, everything is sharp and well exposed. I would have liked to see more of the Coast Guard cutter.   Posted: 05/15/2020 19:09:36

Marianne Shine   Marianne Shine
Beautiful blue, nice clear shot. The dry, brown trees reveal time of year.   Posted: 05/15/2020 20:42:46

Samuel Lane   Samuel Lane
I was in Duluth last June and that was my first time seeing that type of bridge. Sat there for a couple of hours in the park it is a lovely area. This is a nice shot as everyone said very sharp. I like this view of the harbor. My only comment is I would have cropped in a little tighter. See image.   Posted: 05/17/2020 10:17:41
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Kurtis Sutley   Kurtis Sutley
I think this is a very nice shot of a late Fall or early Spring landscape. I like that the horizon gives my eyes a reference for the expanse of the water. The bridge and freighter give me options for primary reference and are well placed with a thoughtful composition. In my opinion the balance of water and land references is appropriate. I would like to see this same shot with more color in the late Spring or Summer. From the Picky Dept., I think you could use less foreground brush since it's not all that interesting. Well done.   Posted: 05/17/2020 19:46:24

Alec Chester   Alec Chester
The bridge and the freighter are well balanced. Very sharp and nice. The bridge is a beauty and the red light marker at the end of the jetty provides some color. I agree with the comments about cropping.   Posted: 05/20/2020 05:57:55


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