Kurtis Sutley  

Bumble Bee by Kurtis Sutley

October 2019 - Bumble Bee

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Photo was made in my wife's garden. I used a Canon 80D paired with a Tamron
70-200mm f/2.8 Di VC @ 162mm. Shot at f/4.0, 1/400 sec. and ISO 100. It's
been cropped and processed in L/R with Landscape profile. I decreased
highlights and boosted shadows slightly and increased saturation. I then
reduced noise and boosted details in Topaz II.

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Sharon Prislipsky   Sharon Prislipsky
(Groups 35 & 52)
Wow! I love the eye-popping color in this image. I wish I could see the original to get a better idea of how your post processing changed it. The bee is tack sharp and I think you have placed it in the perfect position within the frame. For me the entire right third of the image is out focus and detracts from the gestalt of the image. I would suggest cropping that portion out - maybe make the aspect ratio 1:1, but keep the bee on that power point. The bloom in the top left is also out of focus; sometimes that is ok, but the bee and the leaves around it are so sharp that the out of focus part feels disconcerting to me. In my opinion the image would be better if you could crop out or clone out that bloom.   Posted: 10/06/2019 11:54:30
Kurtis Sutley   Kurtis Sutley
That's so funny. I processed two versions of this Bumblebee and did a 1x1 crop after seeing one of your critiques of another photo in your group. This is the 1x1 and the original.   Posted: 10/06/2019 12:41:08
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Kurtis Sutley   Kurtis Sutley
Okay. Can't put both in same post/reply.   Posted: 10/06/2019 12:50:22
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Sharon Prislipsky   Sharon Prislipsky
(Groups 35 & 52)
I sort of have a reputation in my own group for liking the 1:1 crop, so take that into consideration. But I really like this image a lot cropped this way. For me it makes it into an image with some things that detract from it into a real eye-grabber!   Posted: 10/06/2019 13:23:18

Alec Chester   Alec Chester
Very interesting and well done image! So sharp! I agree with Sharon that this spectacular bee looks best in 1 X 1 without the out-of-focus elements. The pink flower on the right has the look I sometimes see after lots of post work. The 1 on 1 crop is perfect with the bee well placed.   Posted: 10/10/2019 13:19:32

Nice to see the original and your finished product. Have to agree with liking the 1x1image best.   Posted: 10/10/2019 22:42:41

Ron Clegg   Ron Clegg
very sharp nice colors I have used mid range zooms for close up work also, they don't get the credit they deserve for this type of work. better a 1 x 1.   Posted: 10/29/2019 14:23:27