Peggy Nugent  

Flower of Interest by Peggy Nugent

August 2020 - Flower of Interest

August 2020 - Peggy Nugent

Original 1

August 2020 - Peggy Nugent

Original 2

August 2020 - Peggy Nugent

Original 3

About the Image(s)

This is one I could use some help with.

I started with the sunflower , adding contrast, strongly increasing blacks and whites, adding a second layer in soft light mode. I liked the graphic feeling and strong colors.

I masked in the lizard on its pole. The pole was too thick and a similar color, so I desaturated, used the HSL panel to tweak the color, and used transform to make it skinnier.
I used transform on the flower to make it lean in towards the lizard, and rotated a layer with just the center so the seeds are pointing at the lizard.

At this point, the canvas was centered around the lizard and the flower, and smaller.

It felt a bit incomplete, though. After various new characters, I chose this crow. I adjusted whites, shadows, texture and clarity until I got it where I wanted it. I increased canvas size to fit the composition.

I like the flow of the composition now, but am wondering whether it's a more interesting image without the crow.


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