Betty Billingham, FDPS, APSA, ARPS, AFIAP  

Friends meet by Betty Billingham, FDPS, APSA, ARPS, AFIAP

March 2020 - Friends meet

March 2020 - Betty Billingham, FDPS, APSA, ARPS, AFIAP

Original 1

March 2020 - Betty Billingham, FDPS, APSA, ARPS, AFIAP

Original 2

About the Image(s)

I admired this house in passing but added the flower-pot man on the
canvas talking to the pheasant on the wall. Both were extracted from my
library and a previous photo. I wanted to emphasize the additions so
took them into Topaz.

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Aavo Koort   Aavo Koort
A fairytale composition. The house is lovely. I wish the little man on the wall was facing the bird.
I would crop a little to reduce the gray fog around the
image , especially on the right side. Also darken the corners.   Posted: 03/06/2020 18:39:34

Brad Becker   Brad Becker
Betty, I like the atmospheric quality of this image. You've done a beautiful job creating a magical image. I'm with Aavo regarding the two figures. I don't get the feeling of much of a story based on how they are placed in the image   Posted: 03/11/2020 18:49:42

Alan Kaplan   Alan Kaplan
I'm wondering what the house looks like without all of the additions. It looks to me to be too quaint to obscure. You've got a nice subject here. Revisit on a rainy day. Getting in closer to the door would bring out the "door bell."   Posted: 03/17/2020 11:11:11

Peggy Nugent   Peggy Nugent
It is very welcome to see such a happy and charming picture! It definitely feels like a fairy tale to me. The flower pot man is adorable and the pheasant really feels at home.
I might consider bringing down the brightness of the turquoise gate a bit. I love the color, but it's hard for me to look away from it
  Posted: 03/18/2020 15:56:03