Alan Kaplan  

The American Dream by Alan Kaplan

December 2019 - The American Dream

December 2019 - Alan Kaplan

Original 1

December 2019 - Alan Kaplan

Original 2

December 2019 - Alan Kaplan

Original 3

About the Image(s)

The building was a Bank of America until super storm Sandy hit northern New Jersey
and flooded the bank so badly that Bank of America just abandoned the building and
opened their offices elsewhere. I took 3 hand held bracketed exposures of the entrance and used Photomatix to create an HDR photo.
Only the man on the left with a cigar in his mouth was treated with my witch’s brew. The other two were shot raw and processed using Photoshop.
There’s not a lot of sophisticated Photoshop manipulation involved here, just layer
masks to smooth things out.


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