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Behind Bars by Brenda Frezeman

March 2020 - Behind Bars

About the Image(s)

Last spring my husband and I went to Phoenix and spent a day in Saguaro National Park. The saguaro cactus were very cool and we found quite a few in bloom. But one of my favorite photos from the trip was this one - from the visitor center! We arrived there at mid-day and found these amazing shadows around the building. Monochrome was definitely the way to go. I loved the graphics of the shadows, though thought the image needed a focal point. So I added the rabbit. That's about the extent of my compositing capabilities.

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Dan DeVries   Dan DeVries
Really nice image - super creative. The rabbit looks like he was right there in the original photo. The contrast from black to white is very good.   Posted: 03/07/2020 16:33:46

Tom Pickering   Tom Pickering
This is simply super, Brenda! The shadow patterns, being off-angle as they are, really draw the eye in. Then we're met by a little furry surprise of the bunny saying welcome and adding a touch of softness and curves to the harsh lines of the shadows. Excellent composite that shows no indication of the edit it entailed. Remarkable!   Posted: 03/08/2020 06:20:17

Miriam Power   Miriam Power
Great. Wouldn't change a thing. A true black & white image   Posted: 03/08/2020 11:49:20

MD Tanveer Hassan Rohan   MD Tanveer Hassan Rohan
Really nice one. :0   Posted: 03/09/2020 00:25:22

Rusty Pinckney   Rusty Pinckney
Brenda, Is the rabbit considering a plunge down the rabbit hole ala Alice in Wonderland? Composition is spot on!   Posted: 03/15/2020 18:25:27

Arabella Dane   Arabella Dane
Wonderful patterns. The shadows enhance volume and give depth. Rabbit is an effective contrast in texture and mood.   Posted: 03/26/2020 06:46:19