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January 2020 - Fun

January 2020 - Arabella Dane


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This picture was a normal sunset picture taken at antelope island during the PSA meeting in Salt Lake with the Bensons as my silhouetted foreground. So I needed a cutout of a silhouette for a project and turned the Bensons into the cut-out, and then was playing with another app that gave me this weirdo space scene.

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Miriam Power   Miriam Power
Very creative Arabella. I'm almost hearing 'it's behind you' 😀 Great fun image   Posted: 01/04/2020 10:47:45

Rusty Pinckney   Rusty Pinckney
Awesome merge. Wonderful to view. Creativity at full throttle.   Posted: 01/04/2020 15:15:20

Tom Pickering   Tom Pickering
That's so cool, Arabella! I agree with Miriam about the story, as though the photographers are missing an amazing picture to the side of them. Or maybe, what they're photographing is even more fantastic.

For me, the "noise" from the original sunset picture doesn't totally fit the look of this image, and the blobby vignette looks kinda like a mistake. I darkened the photographers and removed the vignette from the bottom. Thoughts?   Posted: 01/04/2020 15:49:18
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Arabella Dane   Arabella Dane
Much better!! So clever!!   Posted: 01/04/2020 17:24:25
Rusty Pinckney   Rusty Pinckney
Agree. Better without the vignette, which was distracting. Great month for creativity overall.   Posted: 01/05/2020 13:19:03

Dan DeVries   Dan DeVries
Very creative - I like it.   Posted: 01/05/2020 12:44:58

MD Tanveer Hassan Rohan   MD Tanveer Hassan Rohan
Creative Work . Wonderful :D Love it
  Posted: 01/11/2020 20:05:48

Brenda Frezeman   Brenda Frezeman
Another really fun shot! Wonderfully creative and Tom's tweaks improved it even more.   Posted: 01/13/2020 16:08:22