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In Flight by Brenda Frezeman

November 2019 - In Flight

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A friend and I recently spent an evening at a nearby pond, hoping to find some fall color and nice reflections. This image was my last one of the night, when the light was getting low. My camera settings weren't set up for movement when these geese decided to fly in. I shot them, nonetheless, trying to pan with the movement. There's nothing truly sharp in the image but I still really like it. It's kind of an abstract of pond life in the fall.

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Stephen Levitas   Stephen Levitas
(Group 32)
Yes, I think you have a very successful image. But for panning, I would really like to know what your shutter speed was?
Also, see last month, where two of our colleagues did panning studies: Peggy Reeder in Group 22, and Richard Huang in Group 78.   Posted: 11/01/2019 17:46:01
Brenda Frezeman   Brenda Frezeman
Right before this image, I was shooting reflections in the pond, not intending to do any panning. But then the geese flew in. There was no time to change settings so I just aimed and shot. The shutter speed was 1/30.   Posted: 11/16/2019 08:41:40

Dan DeVries   Dan DeVries
Nice shot. These are hard to get - especially when you aren't ready for them. A slightly faster shutter speed might have made the body sharper, but left movement in the wings. As Stephen noted - panning is an art.   Posted: 11/07/2019 09:47:17

Arabella Dane   Arabella Dane
This is beautiful. I love the softness you achieved by whatever setting selected. Rules are made to be broken.   Posted: 11/15/2019 19:47:21

Rusty Pinckney   Rusty Pinckney
Very nice abstract accomplished by taking advantage of happenstance.   Posted: 11/16/2019 15:33:47


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