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Summer Beauty by Lisa Auerbach

September 2020 - Summer Beauty

September 2020 - Lisa Auerbach


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I adjusted black points and white points. In PS I adjusted the saturation of the purple. I sharpened the pistols. Once I cropped the image I added a vignette. In doing so I placed the focal point on the center of the flower then darkened the corners around that.

On tripod: Canon EOS R; RF 24-105; F/22; ISO 800; 1/60; 72mm

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Mike Cohen   Mike Cohen
This is just wonderful. I love the crop you chose and the lines and colors are fabulous. I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not, but I might try dodging in a bit more light on the central structures. That said, this picture needs nothing. It's a winner in my book.   Posted: 09/08/2020 10:18:16
Lisa Auerbach   Lisa Auerbach
I tried the dodge, and I like it. Thank you for the good suggestion. This has only one pass for the dodge.   Posted: 09/10/2020 08:58:44
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Pamela Hoaglund   Pamela Hoaglund
A beautiful flower and your crop is excellent. I was thinking I would like to see a little more room on the left side so that the darker red part of the flower wasn't so close to the edge but in looking at the original that may not have been possible without getting Into the edge of the petal. Well done.   Posted: 09/09/2020 23:09:54
Lisa Auerbach   Lisa Auerbach
My crop put the center of the flower on a power point while giving it space on the right. I tried other crops but my focus would not have fit well. Your suggestion of more on the left is a good one although it did not work for this flower.   Posted: 09/10/2020 09:04:04

Ally Green   Ally Green
This really is a summer beauty....i like the way you have focused on just this part of the flower and the angle of the image leads my eye right to the stamen with the soft diagnol curves of the petals. Nicely done.   Posted: 09/10/2020 11:50:12

Sharon Prislipsky   Sharon Prislipsky
To me, this image is very visually pleasing. Although it was lovely as presented I think the edit you made based on Mike's suggeston further enhanced it. As you know I am a big fan of square crops for flower images, and I believe it works well here. In my opinon, this is well done.   Posted: 09/13/2020 11:34:27
Lisa Auerbach   Lisa Auerbach
Thank you, Sharon. I thought of you when I decided on the square crop. I've gotten great ideas from this group over time.   Posted: 09/13/2020 11:49:05
Sharon Prislipsky   Sharon Prislipsky
I think we all have worked well together and helped each other grow as photographers. I can't tell you how many times you and the others have made suggestions that took my image from being average to acceptance or better in an exhibiton.   Posted: 09/13/2020 11:57:48

Judith Lesnaw   Judith Lesnaw
Great job of cropping in to achieve a macro effect. The detail and color are wonderful, and you captured the image of the flower in its prime. I love the dogged version as it adds vitality.   Posted: 09/19/2020 10:51:23


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