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August 2020 - Company Coming

August 2020 - Sharon Prislipsky, PPSA


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In July a friend who raises Monarchs from eggs left on milkweed plants in her garden asked us to document the process for use on an Audubon website. As a reward, she gave us a number of plant stems - each of which had one or more chrysalises - to raise and release in our own garden. This provided us with several days of photo opportunities as they emerged and fed on our Cone Flowers before flying off.
I made this image with my Canon 5DMIV and 100-40 mm lens. I was able to get pretty close to the butterflies. This image was shot at a focal length of 280mm. In post processing I cropped and removed the bee on the left as I it was not as sharp as I would have liked. After setting white and black points and bumping up contrast and clarity just slightly in LR I went to Color Efex Pro4 where I added Tonal Contrast and silver Reflector Effects I like the latter because it lets me adjust the source and direction of the light as well as the color and intensity. I sharpened in Topaz AI Clear.
I would like to use this image in competition so any suggestions for improvement will be appreciated.

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Lisa Auerbach   Lisa Auerbach
I am amazed that you got both the butterfly and the bee in flight so crystal clear. Your colors are great and the composition works well.
The face of the butterfly is very dark as is the green around it. I have to look hard to find the face. I suggest you choose your way to separate those two things. One needs to be lightened. This is a beautiful capture of nature.
  Posted: 08/04/2020 11:39:09


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