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Butterfly Sipping Nectar by Lisa Auerbach

October 2019 - Butterfly Sipping Nectar

October 2019 - Lisa Auerbach


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The butterfly was captured in a neighbor’s yard. I tried a few ways to remove distracting background purple flowers finally settling on Content Aware Fill. I also used the usual sliders of Photoshop, Bridge, and NIK filters. I have worked with this so many times that I am not sure which ones I did use in this last process.

Canon 70D; Canon 60mm macro lens on a tripod @ 60mm; 1/200; f/2.8; ISO 100;

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Sharon Prislipsky   Sharon Prislipsky
Lisa, both the final and the original images are quite small, so it is difficult to assess the technical aspectss of your post processing. I zoomed in quite a bit and I do not see any sign of tracks where you worked on the good for you! I like the fact that the head, eye and antennae are so sharp as is the flower. I also find the color palette restful and pleasing. You might want to consider repairing the wings so that you have a perfect looking specimen.   Posted: 10/06/2019 11:04:47

Lisa Auerbach   Lisa Auerbach
I thought a while about cleaning up the wings but decided to adhere to PSA nature rules on this aspect. However for another purpose I will do that.

I'm not sure why the images are small. It is 768 px high. That is the limit for a jpg for club competitions.
Suggestions?   Posted: 10/06/2019 16:19:20

John Roach   John Roach
Lisa, I like your image. It appears to be sharp and the work you did on image is quite nice. However, I like the original better. The negative space in your edited version doesn't quite work for me. The color harmony in the original is much better, in my opinion.   Posted: 10/13/2019 12:02:03

Mike Cohen   Mike Cohen
Hi Lisa. I agree with fixing the wings. I'm a bit distracted by the crop of the vertical stem the butterfly is on and agree with John about the negative space. I know it's kooky, but I like it as a horizontal by rotating 90 degrees.   Posted: 10/15/2019 16:19:55


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