Jerry Hug, APSA  

Hand of Man in Nature by Jerry Hug, APSA

February 2021 - Hand of Man in Nature

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This entire image was edited in Snapseed. The VW was taken in my garage and the Winter scene was taken at our daughters farm. In Snapseed there is a tool called Double Exposure. I read the built in tutorial about 5 times until I caught on and gave it a try. Then I used lens blur on the top of the photo (inside of my garage) and my vanity license plate. I had Bernie Sanders in the woods but that was just copying what everyone in the USA was doing. Jerry

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Sol Blechman   Sol Blechman
Stuck in a snow storm would be my title. I wish you could erase the branches in the back seat. That might give the appearance of the car being surrounded by snow. The red tail lights help visually. In any case, creative piece of work.   Posted: 02/02/2021 17:05:29
Jerry Hug   Jerry Hug
I could not seem to get Snapseed to work as you described? Image Blender does have an eraser tool. I got an entirely different effect?   Posted: 02/04/2021 09:44:55
Sol Blechman   Sol Blechman
Hi Jerry,

Caught your Webinar yesterday and glad I did. Well done and thanks. I made a few notes on some great tips but hope you'll send a tran of some sorts?   Posted: 02/11/2021 16:10:18
Jerry Hug   Jerry Hug
The Webinar manager is supposed to send my Speaker's notes (11 pages) to the over 300 folks who attended. If there is too much of a delay, I will send it to everyone in our group. The moment you put something down in writing it is out of date. Things are changing that fast and that is a good thing mobile photographers. The new iPhone Pro Max is truly the best photography cellphone ever made.   Posted: 02/12/2021 09:43:47

Richard Sprott   Richard Sprott
Winter, snow and what to do with it seems to be a theme this month. Nice image to teach us something, as usual, Jerry. Sol does have a point. How difficult would it be to follow up on his suggestion?   Posted: 02/03/2021 10:41:39
Jerry Hug   Jerry Hug
Does not work very well. I could do this with ImageBlender app but it does not give me what I creatively got with Snapseed.   Posted: 02/04/2021 09:42:46

Dave Edwards   Dave Edwards
Interesting scene. All the varies gray colors fit in nicely. This appears to be a car going too fast and slide into the ditch. Very creative.   Posted: 02/05/2021 17:53:50

Pamela Hoaglund   Pamela Hoaglund
Very interesting and super creative. Sadly, my brain doesn't work that way. A fun project. Looking forward to the webinar on Wednesday.   Posted: 02/08/2021 13:48:36

Bob Barley   Bob Barley
A winter scene for sure. Your edits have created an interesting composition. I haven't used this technique, so I'll have to give it a try.

  Posted: 02/09/2021 10:04:11

Lynne Royce   Lynne Royce
Definitely a photograph that immediately captures attention especially today with most of the country facing ice storms. Maybe our reality. Going to try Snapseed double exposure tool BUT if took you 5 reads of tutorial to accomplish it maybe over my head but will try. Unique image.   Posted: 02/15/2021 12:11:30

Beverly Caine   Beverly Caine
(Groups 48 & 80)
Visiting from 48 & 80
I am not a cell phone photographer but I continue to marvel at the results that some of you get.
Very well done.   Posted: 02/19/2021 05:50:35


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