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COVID Adventure by Pamela Hoaglund

August 2020 - COVID Adventure

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Several weeks ago two friends and I (driving in our separate cars) took a day trip on a road through a remote area of western WA. We had no idea what to expect. The road started out paved but eventually became a good gravel road. We found ourselves in an active logging area. This image was taken from a ridge overlooking an area of older trees, newer trees and a logged area on the far hill. I was bringing up the rear and stopped to capture this scene. My friends left me in the dust and with all the hills our Walkie-Talkie’s could not connect. They finally stopped and I caught up to them. A fun day getting out with phone camera and DSLR. A little processing in Snapseed.

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Jerry Hug   Jerry Hug
What a great way to do some traveling and shooting in such a scenic area. A wonderful memory shot to have if you ever return to this area at another time of the year. Even the grey clouds adds textures to the image.   Posted: 08/02/2020 08:41:32

Richard Sprott   Richard Sprott
I really like your solution to photo travel with friends in our current situation. The layers of different greens getting darker as you go into the image give greater depth than would be there otherwise. This is very different view of western Washington than the places I have been. Thanks for showing us.   Posted: 08/04/2020 09:51:20


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