Dave Edwards  

Three Bridges by Dave Edwards

August 2019 - Three Bridges

August 2019 - Dave Edwards


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Captured this image from a tour boat in Edinburg, Scotland. Used Accentuate in "Look" and touched up in Snapseed "Tune Image".

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Jerry Hug   Jerry Hug
What a difference Dave. Snapseed with it's Preset and tools with individual controls is still our greatest mobile editing tool. Thanks for showing the before and after.   Posted: 08/02/2019 10:48:55

Bob Barley   Bob Barley
I really like Edinburg. It's been a dozen years since I was there, and I still have fond memories. A resident, when asked about the weather replied: "It's varying degrees of terrible." It does rain a lot, but it's beautiful. I could go on, but now about your photo: Nice shot of the bridges. The post edits reveal the underside of the structure and add to the image. Since this isn't highly colored, I wonder if you considered a BW conversion.   Posted: 08/03/2019 17:52:33

Dave Edwards   Dave Edwards
Hi Bob, Since I started out almost black and white I didn't give it a second chance. Will have to try it.

The joke about Scotland is that it rains twice a week. Once the rain lasts three days and once four days.   Posted: 08/04/2019 19:49:22
Bob Barley   Bob Barley
😊   Posted: 08/04/2019 20:24:57

Sol Blechman   Sol Blechman
The colorized version works better for me. Greater detail. Thank you Snapseed.   Posted: 08/10/2019 14:37:22

Lynne Royce   Lynne Royce
That's a lot of bridges. One in foreground looks like the new Mario Cuomo Bridge, formerly Tappan Zee Bridge, over Hudson River in New York State. Still don't understand how go from black and white to color in Snapseed although several members have done that. Both versions work for me although blue skies nice backdrop for gray bridges. Good composition to get them all displayed.   Posted: 08/11/2019 13:11:16

Richard Sprott   Richard Sprott
I like the softer look of this image and the almost pastel colors. Nice transformation of an almost harsh scene to a lovely arrangement of lines. I also like the detail available under the bridge. I'll have to have a look at "look."   Posted: 08/11/2019 21:22:16

Pamela Hoaglund   Pamela Hoaglund
I also like the edited version the best. Love how the colors were pulled out especially in the foreground bridge and the red bridge. Good eye to capture the three different styles of bridges. The cables in the first bridge are also nicely accentuated against the bluish sky. Very nice image.   Posted: 08/13/2019 17:50:31