Cindy Lynch  

Tap Shoes by Cindy Lynch

January 2021 - Tap Shoes

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My granddaughter wanted a picture of her tap shoes. I set this up on my table near a window and used a felt board in the back. I did post-processing in Photoshop, adjusting the details, noise, contrast and exposure. I really wanted to bring out the textures. Settings: f/11, 1/100 sec., 62 mm focal length and using a tripod and natural light.

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Lorna Zaback   Lorna Zaback
Wow - this is such a stunning fine art composition, Cindy! The lighting, the textures, the reflection, the framing - everything is beautifully put together. Gorgeous soft monochrome tones. The image leaves one longing to know the story behind these well-used shoes.   Posted: 01/09/2021 19:15:37

Jeffrey Klug   Jeffrey Klug
As usual Cindy, you have done another great job, the detail in the shoes tells a story and makes you wonder about the person that wore the shoes. I would not change a thing. I wish I could come up with images like that.   Posted: 01/17/2021 11:13:23

Michael Hrankowski   Michael Hrankowski
Hi Cindy. Nice to virtually meet you! I am still in the process of figuring out what my photographic genre is but for certain I find I am drawn to still life photography. I really like your image - the composition, lighting and post-processing all are beautifully done. My only comment is that I find the juncture between the felt board and the mirror(?) at the left of the image to be a slight distraction. Perhaps some additional post-processing would blur the juncture to render it less sharp?   Posted: 01/19/2021 21:47:00


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