Jeffrey Klug, APSA  

Holy Hill by Jeffrey Klug, APSA

October 2020 - Holy Hill

October 2020 - Jeffrey Klug, APSA


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Nikon D2x with 21mm lens, .4 seconds at f/11, ISO 200 converted to monochrome using Luminar 4.
Taken 15 years ago when I had access to Holy Hill church when no one was there. An interesting look at what was capable 15 years ago.

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Lorna Zaback   Lorna Zaback
Jeffrey, I am not sure I could choose one version of this shot over the other - each has qualities that capture our interest. The soft hues, (umber? of the walls and pastel blues in the stained glass) make the colour image appealing, whereas in monochrome, shape and texture attract our attention. Nice exposure and detail in the BW conversion as well. Interestingly, in colour the lit chandeliers and sconces stand out giving the image an ethereal quality. The lighting isn't as obvious in BW - this version exudes more of a sense of solidness and strength.   Posted: 10/20/2020 18:15:56


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