Chuck Carstensen  

Baldridge Park by Chuck Carstensen

March 2020 - Baldridge Park

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This children's park is our main city park called Baldridge Park. The tree shadows intrigued me. Made with a Fujifilm X-Pro2 with the 23mm f/2 lens using the in camera black and white setting. ISO 1600, 1/900 at f/16, Exposure compensation -.7. Post processed in Photoshop Elements 2020.

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Cindy Lynch   Cindy Lynch
You have great contrast and focus. The trees make interesting shadows. If possible, I would try to clone out the cars in the background.   Posted: 03/18/2020 17:31:34

Chuck Carstensen   Chuck Carstensen
Cindy, great idea. Here is an imperfect version.   Posted: 03/18/2020 18:52:52
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Lorna Zaback   Lorna Zaback
Great job, Chuck! Not an easy thing to do in my experience. Yes, nice texture in the tree trunks and wonderful strong shadows from the trees. I would love to see you capture an image like this (trees with strong shadows) where the background is less busy.   Posted: 03/20/2020 22:57:30
Chuck Carstensen   Chuck Carstensen
Thanks, Lorna. Agree on the background. I'm thinking about shooting only monochrome next month for the whole month. Well see what happens.   Posted: 03/21/2020 14:38:24

Karl Hokanson   Karl Hokanson
Great cloning. Tree shadows strong.   Posted: 03/21/2020 12:54:56

Jeffrey Klug   Jeffrey Klug
The overall images does not do that much for me, the shadows are nice. I like the one with the cars cloned out better, but it just does not strike me as a good image. Sorry.   Posted: 03/21/2020 21:34:20

David Price   David Price
My eyes tend to wander in this image. Should we be looking at the trees or the playground. I think it lacks a focal point.   Posted: 03/25/2020 12:02:28

Chuck Carstensen   Chuck Carstensen
Wandering is so truthful. The lesson for me with this image is to focus on a subject. Thanks everyone for your critiques.   Posted: 03/25/2020 14:01:58