Paul Moertl  

Meadow and Mountains by Paul Moertl

January 2020 - Meadow and Mountains

January 2020 - Paul Moertl


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Not sure where this is. Out west, somewhere, obviously. I didn't make any changes to the mono version just to see what you all think about it.

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Cindy Lynch   Cindy Lynch
You have good depth of field and "layers" of foreground mid-ground and background. You have nice details, especially in the evergreen trees which sometimes tend to blur together. For me, though, there may be a little too much "dead space" in the middle. The symmetrical composition emphasizes that. I think it would have more interest if there was something there for me to focus on, such as a horse or person walking in the distance. I also think your sky and mountains could be darker and with less noise.   Posted: 01/04/2020 19:53:20
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Paul Moertl   Paul Moertl
I think you are right about the dead space, but I originally thought everything would be leading towards the mountains, which I considered the focal point. It is too wide, though. Also, I didn't see the noise - nice catch.   Posted: 01/04/2020 20:00:31

David Price   David Price
I would agree about the dead space. I have cut the middle out in photoshop and made the mountains slightly higher.   Posted: 01/13/2020 11:54:35
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Cindy Lynch   Cindy Lynch
I like your edit.   Posted: 01/18/2020 09:10:22
Paul Moertl   Paul Moertl
Me, too.   Posted: 01/24/2020 21:33:20

Lorna Zaback   Lorna Zaback
I agree about the darker skies and also like the layered effect in the fore/mid-ground. Interesting editing, David - I like it and think the panorama crop also works well.   Posted: 01/14/2020 23:08:19

Jeffrey Klug   Jeffrey Klug
I like what David did to remove some dead space, I also darkened the sky by using the camera raw in photoshop under the B/W sliders, I did a +15 yellow, +19 Green, -14 Blue, -34 Purple. This darkened the sky lightened the grass and some trees. Plus opened the shadows and darkened the highlights.   Posted: 01/24/2020 16:59:48
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Paul Moertl   Paul Moertl
Looks good, Jeff.   Posted: 01/24/2020 21:34:00

Karl Hokanson   Karl Hokanson
Nothing to add.   Posted: 01/26/2020 13:34:58

Chuck Carstensen   Chuck Carstensen
Late to the party. Jeffrey's edit gives it polish.   Posted: 01/28/2020 17:54:39