Jeffrey Klug  

Burns Harbor Ship by Jeffrey Klug

August 2019 - Burns Harbor Ship

August 2019 - Jeffrey Klug


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This was a ship that was docked at Two Harbors Minnesota. It seems they use it to load other ships, it has been in the same spot for quite a while. The stairways made for an interesting pattern. Plus there was a person sitting eating his lunch. Thought it was worth a photo.

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Cindy Lynch   Cindy Lynch
Technically, a great job with wonderful contrast and I like the monochrome version. For me, there is a lot to look at and it's quite busy. I never noticed the man eating lunch until I read your description. I agree that the design of the stairs and the man are the most interesting portions of this scene and wondered if it would be best to focus on just that.   Posted: 08/14/2019 09:47:08
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Chuck Carstensen   Chuck Carstensen
Mono version is best for me. I would rather not think about the sky. Great contrast and tonality not to mention sharpness. For help you might try to draw out a little more shadow detail at the bottom. You could dodge the guy sitting with lunch - slightly - in order to draw the eye to that spot. I probably would dodge the whole square box around him.   Posted: 08/14/2019 13:55:18

David Price   David Price
I agree with Cindy and would crop to stairs and man if you have enough pixels to play with. I would crop to give a frame on the outside of the picture. With this crop I think the mono just beats the colour.   Posted: 08/20/2019 14:15:18
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Karl Hokanson   Karl Hokanson
Have to agree with above comments that cropping to highlight the stairs and deck a good option. Cindy's version gives you odd number elements in the horizontal and vertical (white deck beams and columns). I also like the idea of dodging the guy for emphasis. Photo also gives you the possible image where you crop a little further to include the entire light area of the ship so almost a square image.   Posted: 08/21/2019 13:09:14