Cora Rosenhaft  

Stream on a Snowy Day by Cora Rosenhaft

February 2021 - Stream on a Snowy Day

About the Image(s)

During a recent snow storm, my son and I went on a photowalk on a local trail that follows a stream. I was trying out my new camera and the goal was to try for some landscape images, since they are an area that I don't do as often or as well as more zoomed in detail shots. One thing I have a hard time with when shooting in the woods is that I feel like my shots are too busy with too many distractions. For this image, I stepped into the stream (the water was only about two inches deep and I had on snow boots) and crouched down for a lower angle. It is hand held since I did not bring the tripod on our walk.

The technical details are: ’/4, 1/640, 70mm, ISO500

I processed the image in Lightroom. I turned it black in white using a black and white preset and then I tweaked it a bit to darken the blacks and bring back some texture in the snow.

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Graham Fisher   Graham Fisher
I like the B&W rendition of this image. it seems to add drama. the low angle was a good idea too. the blesk snow scene is nicely captured.   Posted: 02/15/2021 19:16:17

Alan Kiecker   Alan Kiecker
New camera? We need details :-)

B&W works well with forest scenes in the winter. I am distracted by the out of focus foreground. With a 70mm focal length it is difficult to keep foreground and background both in focus. A wide angle lens will give you the DOF that you need. For example, a 16mm lens at f/16 will keep everything from less than 1' to infinity in focus (watch your tripod legs) when set to the hyperfocal distance of about 2'. With a longer focal length such as you used, focus stacking techniques can be used to keep everything in focus from foreground to background.   Posted: 02/18/2021 14:14:37

Fred Doerfler   Fred Doerfler
I find the perspective of this image inspiringly different. Looking at this image, i feel like i am in the stream. I agree the blurred foreground is not helpful. I also would like more detail in the snow on the edge of the stream that is in the center. BnW does seem to work.   Posted: 02/22/2021 19:52:59


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